Birmingham Wedding Photography | Philip’s Photo Of The Day, Part 13

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Off Camera Flash In My Birmingham Wedding Photography.

Welcome to my latest blog about my Birmingham wedding photography. Today I will be talking all about my off camera flash work and why I love to incorporate it. Being a wedding photographer it is my responsibility to offer you unique and beautiful images. This is just another tool for me to achieve that and when done properly it creates stunning results. This particular style is best performed at night as you can really appreciate the full effect.

You may not want this type of Birmingham wedding photography, but I’m proud to be able to offer it to you. One of the main reasons I love this job so much, is that weddings really do require me to think on my feet. As a wedding photographer I must be able to cope in all situations and act quickly.

What Is The Difference Between Natural Light & Off Camera Flash Wedding Photography?

For 90% of your wedding day I won’t even use flash. I’m a huge advocate of natural light for your wedding but I do embrace off camera lighting at the right time. Natural light is a wonderful light source which looks soft and beautiful. Whenever I can harness it’s power I will bring it into your Birmingham wedding photography. Off camera lighting is for a more dramatic look, giving you a completely different feel. It creates wonderful shadow detail and rim lighting when done properly. Below this post are some examples of how I’ve used it as a wedding photographer in my work.

You’re not just limited to using it during the evening, I will setup up multiple lights during the day if the situation calls for it. Images that simply wouldn’t be possible in high noon are made possible with additional lighting. Being a creative person I love to challenge myself and capture images that you hadn’t expected.

Can I Ask For A Shot I’ve Seen Another Wedding Photographer Do?

One thing I always tell you when booking me is, I love to hear your ideas and embrace them all. I have lots of ideas myself but I’m here to give you the best possible images and that includes inspiration you have. If you have seen some Birmingham wedding photography that you would love to make your own, I will be happy to try. However I will always advise that certain images are dependent on the weather and location. No matter where we are, we will still be able to get something beautiful.

My Style As A Birmingham Wedding Photographer

Most of the day I shoot your wedding with a very candid approach. I really do like to blend into the background and allow you to be yourselves. This is when the magic happens. To create off camera Birmingham wedding photography I will have to pose you . For just a few minutes I will direct you and setup a few light sources but I promise it will be worth it!

Below I have posted an image of Amy & Chris in the evening where I have used two separate lights. It only takes me around 2/3 minutes to prepare and I just let you relax and enjoy a moment alone. Creating that look cannot be achieved with natural light and I think it can really add to your album.

After 5-10 minutes you will be back to the party and enjoying the rest of your night. In a short time I will able to create some life long memories you will cherish forever.

Looking For A Birmingham Wedding Photographer To Capture Your Precious Memories?

Thank you for reading my Birmingham wedding photography blog. I hope my passion is coming through and you see how much it means to me. This is what I love and I’d be honoured to work with you. I’d love to be a part of your special day, please do get in touch as I’d love to be your wedding photographer and I can’t wait to hear from you.

My aim is to reply to all enquires within hours not days as I want this experience to be great from the start. From your first e-mail to receiving the final album, this should be the most special experience.

With my Birmingham wedding photography I don’t just work around the Midlands, I shoot weddings all over the UK and abroad. I absolutely love travelling, so please don’t think I wouldn’t want to shoot your wedding wherever you’re based.

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