The Marriott Hotel | Wedding Photography – Farina & Manbinder

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The Marriott Hotel Wedding Photography | Farina & Manbinder


Upon first meeting Farina & Manbinder, I knew it would be an amazing wedding. I was very excited to learn the couple would be tying the knot at the stunning Marriott Hotel in Birmingham. This venue offers many wonderful opportunities for beautiful wedding photography Birmingham. I had so many ideas running around my head for what we could do on the day.

As a Birmingham wedding photographer I’m always looking for a great backdrop to really give my clients something unique. The Marriott Hotel really does have some fabulous places to make amazing wedding portraits. One of my favourite is all the mirrors in the lobby, I just knew I could capture some wonderful Birmingham wedding photography there.

How The Day Started To Unfold At The Marriott Hotel, Birmingham


Arriving at the Marriott Hotel early, I had plenty of time to get some establishing shots. As a Birmingham wedding photographer I love to create a proper story. I find that including compelling images of the surrounding scene can really help me do that. First to arrive was Manbinder & his family. I captured some lovely family portraits then switched my attention to him.

Before the wedding took place Manbinder had asked me specifically to get some images of him with the car. I made sure we had plenty of time on the day to do this for him. I’m really pleased with how the images turned out, as was he. Wedding photography Birmingham isn’t just about getting the safe shots, you really do need to go above and beyond for your clients.

Next up Farina arrived, she had opted for a 1950’s look, so I was very excited to capture this. We didn’t have a much time before the ceremony, so I worked with natural light and created her some unique portraits in her bridal suite. The available light was just stunning at The Marriott Hotel, so I wasn’t disappointed.

The Ceremony At The Marriott Hotel & Some Other Memorable Moments


The ceremony at The Marriott Hotel was fantastic, everyone was in such good spirits. It really was a joy to photograph and I had the freedom to move around freely which is always a bonus. As a Birmingham wedding photographer I respect the rules at every venue I shoot at. It’s just a blessing for my creativity when I’am aloud to express that.

The wedding was a small and intimate but that didn’t take anything away from the raw emotion in the room. The very reason I got into wedding photography Birmingham was to have these opportunities to capture such precious moments.

Shortly after the ceremony I really wanted to document a few more shots of the coupe together and on their own. We headed out into the lobby at The Marriott Hotel and made use of it’s stunning exterior. I ended up going for a wide shot that incorporated the whole scene really showcasing it’s grandeur.

Finally I was keen to make use of the amazing mirrors and get something unique for Farina. While everyone was getting ready for the confetti outside we got to work on taking some beautiful reflection images for her. Wedding photography Birmingham was a real joy at The Marriott Hotel and I hope to work their again in the near future. Have a look at this wonderful hotel Here


Thank You For Having Me As Your Birmingham Wedding Photographer


I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Farina & Manbinder for graciously choosing me to capture their Birmingham wedding photography. It was an amazing day at The Marriott Hotel and one that I shan’t forget. If you’re planning on getting married and are interested in my wedding photography Birmingham services please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you, I don’t just work in Birmingham, Solihull or the West Midlands I love to shoot all over the country and overseas.

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