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30 06 17 | Wedding Photography

Rose & Dominic’s Wedding Photography Birmingham

When I first heard Rose & Dominic’s wedding plans, I was delighted to be doing their wedding photography Birmingham. I knew right from the off this was going to be a very special wedding. The couple had such unique and wonderful plans, I was intrigued from the very start. I just had to know more about this rustic wedding. The plan was to get married in a secret part of their local park. For a very select few family & friends, this was a truly unforgettable experience.

As a Birmingham wedding photographer I have seen many things, this is certainly something I shall never forget. Wedding photography Birmingham gives me such privileged access into peoples lives and I treasure that.

Upon Arriving At The Secret Location In Their Local Park

The day had arrived and it was time to do the wedding photography Birmingham for Rose & Dominic’s wedding. As I drew near to the location, I was looking for the clues to find this special place. Seeing some blue ribbons draped over a lonely tree I knew I was close. I followed a little path through a gap in the tree’s and I had found it. A simply majestic place to get married and totally secluded, well away from prying eyes. As a Birmingham wedding photographer my job never ceases to amaze me. Here I’am in a secret location about to document precious memories for Rose & Dominic.

As I had arrived very early, I was able to scout the area for potential portraits later in the afternoon. This is a time in my wedding photography Birmingham that I like to capture the scene as it is. For me recording the scene when things are quiet is a must. Landscape images of the location really add to your final album and I love being able to tell that part of the story.

Now It Was Time For The Secret Garden Wedding Ceremony

With all the guests ready and having followed the clues to this secluded spot, it was now time for the ceremony. In wedding photography Birmingham the ceremony is a time I love. The raw emotion is palpable and I know I’m only moments away from a wonderful photograph. As a Birmingham wedding photographer I pride myself in capturing such moments. Being in the right place and anticipating this is key. Your wedding is such an important milestone in your lives and should be documented perfectly. My finger was hovering over the shutter the whole time. Rose & Dominic gave me so many wonderful opportunities to make beautiful pictures.

True to the nature of this wedding it wasn’t a traditional ceremony. I hadn’t expected anything less and was very impressed with the rituals that took place. Rose & Dominic cerebrated each of the earthly elements in their vows. I had not seen this performed before and thought it was a real tribute to them both.

How The Rest Of the Day Unfolded As We Headed To The Reception

With the ceremony finished we headed out into the park to take some portraits. It was a real joy to work with Rose & Dominic as they were so natural in front of the camera. I’m really pleased with how the final images turned out. I think they reflect them as a couple and their unique personalities.

With some beautiful portraits captured it was time to head over to the Kitchen Garden Cafe in Kings Heath. Again to no surprise this was an incredibly quirky venue. It screamed rustic to me and I was very excited to do more wedding photography Birmingham at this location. With Dominic being a chef he had prepared all the food himself…. It was fantastic, I know this because I was graciously included in the buffet! Rose did some of the cooking too, creating some amazing chocolate brownies.

It was now time for the final part of the day. Speeches are always a time I really look forward too. Being a Birmingham wedding photographer I seek for beautiful candid images. Speeches are a time when these moments happen in abundance. Some really heartfelt words were exchanged along with a few cracking jokes! A few highlights certainly came from Rose’s Dad & the best man.

A Big Thank You For Having Me As Take Your Birmingham Wedding Photographer

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Rose & Dominic for graciously choosing me to do their wedding photography Birmingham. It was an amazing day in Kings Heath and an occasion I will never forget. If you’re planning on getting married and are interested in my wedding photography Birmingham services please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you, I don’t just work in Birmingham and the West Midlands I love to shoot all over the country and overseas. Have a look at the wonderful Kitchen Garden Cafe Here.

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