My Story

Music producer/DJ turned professional photographer. Not as strange a transition as you might think.

My passion for photography was ignited as a small boy by my grandfather, and the hours spent with him and his DSLR camera. The times I spent playing with the camera, learning about how it worked and what the different lenses were for gave me a whole new respect for the images it created.

I had always admired my grandfather’s images, he was a keen photographer in Birmingham back in the day and captured some wonderful shots of local wildlife and landscapes, and it certainly wasn’t long before I found I shared his incredible passion for the art.

Fast forward a few years and I had forged a career in music, which was taking me all over the world, opening my eyes to some incredible places and people along the way. I was compelled to capture as many of those experiences on film as possible. And it was those years of touring that gave me a wealth of experience behind the lens, which has most definitely impacted on the approach I take to my photography. I never expected my journey to take me to where I’am now, but I truly love being a wedding photographer.


Why Being A Wedding Photographer Is So Important To Me


I would consider my wedding photography style as fresh and contemporary, with a passion for capturing those moments in time that may well go by unnoticed. During our pre-wedding consultation, we will compile a list of ‘must have’ shots to ensure nothing/no-one slips through the net! However, quite often, it’s those shots that almost happen by accident that are treasured the most… the look on Grandma’s face as she takes in the father of the bride speech, or the flower girls laughing and twirling in the sunshine.

There is truly nothing more satisfying than a client’s reaction when they receive the images from their day, some they requested, others they never even knew they wanted, but could now never be without. If your trying to pick a wedding photographer, I’d be honoured to hear from you.