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Cripps Wedding Photographer | Shustoke Farm Barns – Kirsty & Niall

Being Kirsty & Niall’s Cripps Wedding Photographer

When Kirsty first got in contact, I was very happy to be their Cripps wedding photographer. It’s no secret that Shustoke Farm barns is one of my favourite venues in the West Midlands. As a Birmingham wedding photographer, I’am really spoilt for choice photographically at this beautiful venue. This was a very memorable and unique wedding in so so many ways! This picturesque venue is perfect for Birmingham wedding photography and it really suited Kirsty & Niall’s personalities. I think their Shustoke Farm Barns wedding was the most I’ve ever laughed at an event. These two had me in stitches all day, a truly wonderful couple to photograph.

I’am so excited for you to have a look through the images from this special day. From the moment I started to the last click of my camera, it was an amazing wedding filled with so many wonderful moments. I really hope the spirit of the day comes across in Birmingham wedding photography. I’am extremely grateful to Kirsty & Niall for having me as their Cripps wedding photographer.

How Kirsty & Niall’s Birmingham Wedding Photography Began

I photographed their summer wedding at Shustoke Farm Barns in August of this year. Before arriving at the venue it was time to capture Kirsty & her bridesmaids getting ready. Upon arriving I was thrilled to see everyone was in good spirits! I love my job as a Birmingham wedding photographer, as I get to capture all these amazing moments. Weddings are such special occasions, the emotion is always so palpable. It really was laughter from the minute I walked in until I left. I think the images from this part of the day reflect that.

With the girls almost ready it was time for me to head off to capture my establishing shots of the venue. As Kirsty & Niall’s Cripps wedding photographer I was very excited to get do this. For me Birmingham wedding photography is about capturing every little detail. The venue and all the details are so important to me. Kirsty & Niall had a really amazing theme throughout, which you will get a feel for later!

I know I’ve mentioned this a few times over the year, but Shustoke Farm Barns does have some of the best natural lighting I’ve ever seen at a wedding venue. For me as a Birmingham wedding photographer, the creative possibilities are so exciting to me!

How The Ceremony Unfolded At Shustoke Farm Barns

With everyone eagerly awaiting the ceremony it was time for Kirsty & Niall to tie the knot!. As a Cripps wedding photographer I was very excited for this part of the day. I love photographing Barn weddings as they just ooze character! This really suits my style of Birmingham wedding photography as I love creating images in gorgeous lighting. Not to mention tying in all the rustic elements that really help to create compelling photographs!

The ceremony was very heartfelt and full of beautiful moments. Kirsty & Niall’s love radiated around the room, I think everyone could feel it! As their Birmingham wedding photographer, it was my privilege to document this special time for them.

With the ceremony coming to a close, it was time to head over to the reception. As a Birmingham wedding photographer I’m always very grateful to work in such wonderful venues. The way Kirsty & Niall had decorated the space was incredible.

How The Rest Of The Day At Shustoke Farm Barns Unfolded

It was now time to take Kirsty & Niall into the grounds for some portraits. As a Cripps wedding photographer I know these grounds well and how amazing they are! I just knew my Birmingham wedding photography experience was going to be great with these two. They had laughed all day and radiated good energy! I certainly picked up on that and really enjoyed teaching them how to pose. Niall wasn’t overly excited about having portraits at the time, but afterwards he really enjoyed the whole process. Most people including myself don’t always love having their photo’s taken, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. I always try to add the fun into it and make it an unforgettable part of your day. Kirsty & Niall made my job as a Birmingham wedding photographer so easy and they were naturals!

I take a lot of care with my posing and positioning for the portrait session. Your Solihull wedding photography should reflect you as a couple. I really wanted to capture Kirsty & Niall’s fun personalities. Throughout this whole experience from when we first met until this moment, I’ve been working out what you both love in photography. This way I will always deliver you the best possible images which you can cherish forever.

Speeches, Food & Special Moments At Shustoke Farm Barns

With everyone finishing their meals, it was almost time for the speeches to begin. I really do love this time in my Birmingham wedding photography. It’s at this part of the day when the best man or Father have some amazing stories to tell. Everyone gave a really heartfelt speech with lots of laughs to accompany them! Sometimes when the speeches are exceptionally funny I do have to work hard to remain professional! This was one of those weddings, even I couldn’t help but laugh. There were so many amazing moments during the speeches and I really think the images reflect the fun everybody had!

As a Cripps wedding photographer I cannot thank Kirsty & Naill enough for allowing me to be a part of their special day. Not to mention for allowing me to sample the delightful cuisine Shustoke Farm Barns had on offer that day! One of the many perks as a Birmingham wedding photographer is certainly the food!

As the day drew to a close, the real memorable moment for me was Kirsty & Niall’s dancing. I loved how these two just went for it without a care in the world and it really reflected them as people. Fun, outgoing and just loving life!

Thank You For Having Me As Your Birmingham Wedding Photographer

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Kirsty & Niall for graciously having me as their Cripps wedding photographer. It was a beautiful wedding and one I will never forget. If you’re planning your wedding and are interested in my Birmingham wedding photography services please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d really love to hear from you, I don’t just work in The West Midlands, Solihull, Warwickshire or Birmingham, I love to shoot all over the country and overseas. Make sure you have a look at the stunning Shustoke Farm Barns in Birmingham Here.