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Fairlawns Hotel | Wedding Photographer Birmingham – Sarah & James

Sarah & James’s Birmingham Wedding Photography At Fairlawns Hotel

When first meeting Sarah & James about their Birmingham wedding photography, I instantly had a good feeling about this couple. Finding out that I would be working at the stunning Fairlawns Hotel was the icing on the cake. Myself and James also have a shared interest in a certain genre of music. This was great to chat to him about over the months leading up to the wedding.

I think it’s very important as a wedding photographer to not just be a person my clients hire, but also a friend. I have remained good friends with so many of my previous clients, which I’m very grateful for. When you book me for your wedding photography your letting me witness some of the most precious moments of your lives. Being your friend and not just a person taking images will make for great pictures!

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The Morning Of The Wedding, Capturing Beautiful Wedding Photography

So the big day had finally arrived. Before going to Fairlawns Hotel it was time for everyone to get ready. This is a part of the day I look forward to. As a Birmingham wedding photographer I’m constantly looking for moments. There a few better times than before the ceremony when the bride is nervous and excited to capture these precious memories.

Upon arriving at Sarah’s parents house I’m greeted with a bubbly atmosphere. Everyone was in such good spirits and it was a joy to photograph. With every new wedding that I photograph I’m always looking for new ways to showcase the scene. This was no exception I moved around the space as much as I could. I do this to portray my wedding photography in a unique light.

Now It Was Time To Head Over To Fairlawns Hotel, Birmingham

Arriving at the stunning Fairlawns Hotel we were greeted by some beautiful sunshine. For most of the morning it had been overcast but things were certainly looking up now! We headed up to the bridal suite for some finishing touches to the girls make up. The lighting was fantastic and I was able to get some great wedding photography. As a Birmingham wedding photographer I’m always looking for the best light possible. I have no problem moving furniture around to get you the perfect shot.

Again the atmosphere was so positive, everyone was in such high spirits. It was effortless for me to capture the joy in the room.

Wedding Photography Of The Ceremony At Fairlawns Hotel, Birmingham

With all the guests at Fairlawns Hotel, it was time for the ceremony. The room was beautifully decorated and people were full of excitement for Sarah’s arrival. I now turned my attention to James who was looking a little nervous awaiting his bride. It’s in this moment as a Birmingham wedding photographer I like to focus on the groom. Capturing the moment before his future wife arrives is so special. For me wedding photography should tell a story you can relive years later by looking at your images.

With rings and vows exchanged it was now time for James to kiss his wife. Again for me this moment is so crucial being in the right position to capture it. Wedding photography Birmingham keeps me on my toes as I pride myself in not missing these fleeting moments.

How The Rest Of the Day Unfolded At Fairlawns Hotel, Birmingham

With the ceremony now over it was time to continue the day at Fairlawns Hotel. As a Birmingham wedding photographer I like to get the family pictures done at this point of the day if I can. My aim is to cause as little disruption as possible during your special day. By doing this soon after the ceremony I’m hopefully allowing you and your guests more time to enjoy the occasion. James & Sarah graciously let me do this and to my delight things ran smoothly.

I then took the couple off for some wedding photography alone. I love to have 20-30 minutes with just the bride and groom to really focus on some memorable portraits. James & Sarah were so relaxed and I’m very happy with the images we got. We even managed to get out again later that evening to take advantage of the sunset at Fairlawns Hotel.

Now it was time for the speeches, I can honestly say I haven’t laughed that much for awhile at a wedding! It really was a joy to photograph, you can see the emotion on the images below.

Some Memorable Moments For Me As A Birmingham Wedding Photographer

I couldn’t write this blog and not mention that Sarah & James had a magician at their wedding. Having seen a few in my time doing wedding photography, I was most impressed on this occasion. I have always loved watching magic tricks but myself and the guests were blown away by this particular performance. Honestly I can’t recommend having a magician at your wedding enough. The guests and I were entranced!

Finally James had asked me for an image of him and Sarah walking away while he was clicking his heels. Straight away I agreed to do this as I knew it would be hilarious to photograph. Have a look at the wedding photography Birmingham below to see this. I think it took around 10 attempts 🙂

Thank You For Having Me To Document Your Wedding Photography At Fairlawns Hotel.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank James & Sarah for choosing me to document their wedding photography. It was an unforgettable day at Fairlawns Hotel and a pleasure to capture your precious memories. If you’re planning on getting married and are interested in my wedding photography Birmingham services please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you, I don’t just work in Birmingham and the West Midlands I love to shoot all over the country and overseas. Have a look at the delightful Fairlawns Hotel in Birmingham Here.