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Landscape Photography

Most of you know me as a wedding photographer from Birmingham and while wedding photography is the staple of my business, I do really love landscape photography. It has been my passion for years and that is what really inspired me to pick up a camera many moons ago. Whenever I get the chance to shoot a beautiful scene, or I see that a moment may happen somewhere in the UK, I try to be there to capture it.

Quite a few of the dramatic images in my wedding photography are directly inspired from the things I see while shooting landscapes. I try to bring all those elements I love into my work for my clients.

This is why I love destination weddings, I can really showcase my love of landscapes mixed in with great wedding photography.

The Perseids Meteor Shower

Every year around the 12th of August this magical light show happens, If your lucky enough to find a clear sky you may see hundreds of shooting stars. On a well planned trip you just might be lucky enough to see the wondrous Milky Way. This year was easily the best I’ve ever seen. I see such amazing moments week in week out being a wedding photographer, but this was truly breathtaking!

So with the weather looking great in Lulworth and having heard on the news that the shower would be the best it’s been in 10 years – I set off on the 3.5 hour journey to Durdle Door.

Durdle Door, Lulworth

Durdle Door is one of my favourite places to Visit in the U.K. As far as landscape photography goes this beautiful spot has it all. Stunning coastlines and rich blue waters. It is listed as a world heritage site, and if your lucky you have even find a fossil or two! If you’ve never visited I highly recommend you find the time to see it.

So I arrived around 11:30pm. I knew there was a full moon till around 12:15am. This would have made capturing the Milky way and the stars very difficult. I knew a few good places to get my photographs having been earlier in the year. So everything was setup and now it was time to wait for the perfect moment.

Landscape photography requires just as much patience as it does planning. Just like wedding photography when you make a beautiful photograph all the work you have put in is so worth it.

Capturing the Milky Way And Shooting Stars

The images below are from my past two visits. I have included one from the daytime so you can see how beautiful it is during daylight. Following on the others are what I was able to capture while on my latest trip. As a photographer I love the challenges different scenarios make me face.

Capturing the night sky has taken me several years to perfect and I’m still learning. This is very similar to my wedding photography. I’m always learning and broadening my knowledge to deliver the best possible work.

The BBC Featuring My Work

After I returned home from my exhausting 200 mile drive, I edited a few images and sent them to the BBC. Waking up the next morning to an e-mai,l saying they would be featured on the weather report and social media nationwide was a dream come true. I was so thrilled as it meant so much that my landscape photography was appreciated. Hopefully you enjoy looking at these images as it was a joy to capture them.

Loads More Landscape Images To Come

There are so many images I can’t wait to share with you all. Currently it is the busiest time for me in the wedding photography season here in Birmingham. Not allowing me to get out and shoot the landscape as much as I might like. During the winter months I plan to get out and take as many beautiful pictures as possible. Try it sometime pick up your camera and get outdoors. It really is invigorating.



Star Trails at Durdle Door.


The Milky Way at Durdle Door.


My favourite image of the night. The Milky Way on the right and a shooting star on the left, with the iconic Durdle Door in the foreground.


The BBC using my image on social media.


The BBC using my image on social media.


Durdle Door by daylight earlier this year.

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