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Nuthurst Grange Wedding Photography – Sian & Alex

Sian & Alex’s Nuthurst Grange Wedding Photography

When Sian first got in contact, I was over the moon to be doing their Nuthurst Grange wedding photography. Being a recommended supplier of this prestigious venue, I know it well and love photographing there. As a Solihull wedding photographer, this venue provides everything and more to be a photographers dream!

This was to be a a memorable wedding is so many ways. This stunning venue is perfect for Solihull wedding photography and it really suited what Sian & Alex were looking for in their Nuthurst Grange wedding photography. These two never stopped smiling the whole day and it really was a joy to photograph!

I’am so excited to show you all the images from this special and amazing day. From the moment I began, it was an amazing wedding filled with so many wonderful candid moments. I really hope the emotion of the day comes across in Birmingham wedding photography. I’d just like to start off by saying how grateful I’am that Sian & Alex invited me along to capture this wonderful time in their lives!

How Sian & Alex’s Solihull Wedding Photography Began

I photographed the couple’s summer wedding at Nuthurst Grange in August of this year. We had had one of the driest summers in as long as I can remember, but today it was raining. To me this isn’t a problem as I know I can create something special no matter what, to my delight Sian was so upbeat about it all. It’s the one thing you can’t control in Solihull wedding photography.

Upon arrival I was thrilled to see everyone was in such good spirits despite the rain! I love my job as a Solihull wedding photographer, as I get to witness all these amazing moments. Weddings are such special times in my clients lives, all that raw emotion is so palpable. It really was such a fun and exciting wedding morning till night.

With the girls nearly ready it was time for me to head off to capture my establishing shots of the venue. As part of Sian & Alex’s Nuthurst Grange wedding photography, I love to include all the elements of the day. For me Solihull wedding photography is about capturing every little detail, no matter how big or small. The venue and all that comes with it are so important to me. Sian & Alex had put so much effort into the venue and it looked incredible.

Nuthurst Grange is one of my favourite venues in Solihull & I’m extremely proud to be part of their supplier network. I can’t wait to shoot many more weddings at this fantastic location in 2019!

How The Ceremony Unfolded At Nuthurst Grange, Solihull

With everyone seated and now eagerly awaiting the bride it was time for Sian & Alex to tie the knot!. As part of my Nuthurst Grange wedding photography the ceremony is such an amazing time. I just love photographing all the wonderful candid moments that are presented at this special occasion during the day. It really suits my style of Birmingham wedding photography as I thrive on emotion and real moments. The ceremony room at Nuthurst Grange in Solihull is just beautiful.

The ceremony was heartfelt and full of incredible moments. Sian & Alex really showed their love for one another, both getting emotional when Sian came down the isle. As their Birmingham wedding photographer, it was my privilege to document those special moments.

With Sian & Alex now married, it was time to head over to the reception. To my delight the rain was starting to ease, so I planned to get everyone outside for some group photo’s! I was thrilled that everyone shared the same enthusiasm about going outside for photo’s. A good background and gorgeous light is essential for good wedding photography Birmingham. It can really make or break the image, so I feel its my duty to do my very best for my clients.

As a Solihull wedding photographer I’m always very grateful to work at such wonderful venues like Nuthurst Grange Hotel.

How The Rest Of The Day At Nuthurst Grange Hotel Unfolded

After I’d finished the family photo’s it was time to get some portraits of the happy couple! In my Nuthurst Grange wedding photography I know the grounds well and had some great ideas! Both Sian & Alex had shown they were complete naturals in front of the camera, so I was very excited. With the rain now dissipating we had the whole grounds at our disposal. We first head out to the herb garden, which is just stunning! I feel I was really able to capture their personalities, which is exactly what I’m looking for my Birmingham wedding photography!

I take a lot of care with my posing and positioning in my portrait sessions. Your Solihull wedding photography should reflect you as a couple. I really wanted to capture Sian & Alex’s love for each other, it was palpable! When we have our first client meeting right through to this moment on your wedding day, I’m learning what it is you love about photography. This is all so I can give you the most amazing images to cherish forever!

Speeches, Food & Special Moments At Nuthurst Grange Hotel

This was to be a very memorable wedding, one of which I’ve never seen the like of before! I really do love this time in my Birmingham wedding photography, It’s at this part of the day when some amazing stories get told or pranks get pulled in this case 🙂 One of Alex’s friends was given a fake scratch card with a £50’000 prize! He really thought he’d won and I caught some priceless reactions when he discovered it wasn’t genuine!

Something Truly Unique!

So as I mentioned earlier this was a memorable wedding I will now tell you why… While I was on my break one of the waiters came up to me and revealed he was actually undercover! A little taken a back I asked him to elaborate! So the plan was to come in and surpise everyone and start signing, that’s all I was told! So I quickly grabbed my camera and ran back into the room trying not to look to conspicuous. The waiter then came in and fell flat on his face and made an all mighty noise when falling over! All the guests felt sorry for him and were anxious to see if he was OK. He then jumped up, grabbed a microphone and starting signing ‘Let Me Entertain You’

The whole room erupted and I was their to capture these amazing moments. In all my years as a Birmingham wedding photographer this is the first time I’ve seen anything quite like this! It really was a joy to capture this Nuthurst Grange wedding photography.

I cannot thank Sian & Alex enough for allowing me to be a part of their special day. I will never forget this incredible wedding and have very fond memories of it! What I love about being a Solihull wedding photographer is getting to witness incredible moments such as these and create everlasting images!

Thank You For Having Me As Your Birmingham Wedding Photographer

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Sian & Alex for graciously having do their Nuthurst Grange wedding photography. It was an amazing wedding and one I will never forget. If you’re planning your wedding and are interested in my Birmingham wedding photography services please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d really love to hear from you, I don’t just work in The West Midlands, Solihull, Warwickshire or Birmingham, I love to shoot all over the country and overseas. Make sure you have a look at the gorgeous Nuthurst Grange in Birmingham Here.