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South Farm | Wedding Photography Birmingham – Matt & Mel

South Farm Wedding Photography | Matt & Mel


This was an extra special wedding for me at South Farm, as I used to be at school with Matt. Not too long after we all left, Matt moved down to Cambridge to make a new life for himself. Since then I’d not actually seen him before booking me to be their wedding photographer. I always feel very honoured when friends or fellow photographers choose me to document their special day.

From when Matt & Mel came to visit me, I knew it would be a fantastic day. Mel had so many amazing ideas floating around in her head. With my wedding photography Birmingham I do love my clients to bring my inspiration. I have lots of ideas myself but I always appreciate another perspective.

Wedding Photography On The Day At South Farm, Cambridge

So the big day at South Farm had finally arrived and the weather was incredible. I had drove down early that morning to make sure I had no problems, allowing plenty of time to really appreciate the venue before hand. As a Birmingham wedding photographer I believe a venue should always be scouted ahead of time, that way things can run smoothly on the day. South Farm really does deliver on all fronts, certainly one of the most picturesque venues I have ever worked at!

With my establishing shots done I now went to find Mel. As I arrived there was such a buzz in the room, the kids were running around and spirits were high. The lighting was great and the room boasted a beautiful hollywood style mirror (the one with the lightbulbs) which made for amazing images.

Being a part of my clients day is always such a privilege. Witnessing these intimate moments is why I love my job as a Birmingham wedding photographer. Matt & Mel’s wedding at South Farm wasn’t short of incredible moments.

How The Rest Of the Day Unfolded At South Farm

Again this wedding provided something else very special and unique, Matt & Mel were to be married over the lake, with all the guests witnessing just across the water. This was my first wedding shooting something quite like this and I relished the challenge. Another magical touch was they got their kids involved in pouring sand to mark the occasion. In moments like this it is key that I’am prepared to capture these everlasting memories. That is something I pride myself in with my wedding photography Birmingham,

With the newly weds now joined in marriage, it was time to take some family formals and portraits of the lovely couple. Mel had the idea to create a heart shape for the group shot. I’ve done this a few times before and think it looks wonderful in wedding photography. South Farm provided an excellent back drop for all these images and I was thrilled with how they came out.

Now it was time for the speeches and as most of you know I love that part of the day. For me as a Birmingham wedding photographer I thrive on emotion. The speeches really bring out all the raw emotion and I just cannot wait to capture it. Matt & Mel’s speeches were on point and the atmosphere was electric.

A Few Special Moments I Had As a Wedding Photographer

I mentioned earlier that Mel had some amazing ideas for her wedding photography. I just wanted to mention a few of them along with my own as I’m so happy with how they came out. With the weather on our side I was able to really let me creative juices flow. Mel had specifically asked for a shot with a heart shape around them created by sparklers. This was a little tricky to pull off but we made it happen. See the image below for this one!

I was also able to create some really compelling silhouettes with the magical sunset in the background. Not to mention we even got the Tuk Tuk out which really added to their wedding photography images. South Farm really is an incredible venue and I feel fortunate as Birmingham wedding photographer to have worked their.

Thank You For Having Me As Your Birmingham Wedding Photographer

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Matt & Mel for graciously choosing me to document their wedding photography Birmingham. It was an incredible day at South Farm and one I shall never forget. If you’re planning on getting married and are interested in my wedding photography Birmingham services please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you, I don’t just work in Birmingham and the West Midlands I love to shoot all over the country and overseas. Have a look at the gorgeous South Farm in Cambridge Here.