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Wedding Photography FAQ’s

What is your style of Wedding Photography?

My wedding photography style is predominately candid. I absolutley love to document the day as it happens naturally. I have no problems setting up a scene, to create beautiful moments that occur as a result of that. Your wedding is unique to you, I like to understand my clients and discover what makes you tick. As your wedding photographer it is my job to understand the style you love and make sure I create beautiful memories for you to cherish forever.

During the day you might not always be aware of me as I like to blend in. Real moments are so much more organic than if you’re aware of the camera. Something changes the second you discover the wedding photographer. I believe there is magic in photojournalism. Capturing the true essence of a moment in time, is why I love wedding photography. Take a look at my Portfolio to really understand my style.

Do you only photograph weddings in the Birmingham & West Midlands area?

People often think I won’t be willing to travel all over the UK. Living and working in Birmingham does mean most of my clients are based here but I love to explore new areas. Wedding photography is my passion along with travelling so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Depending on where the destination is, I may require my travel expenses & hotel. Have a look over my Blog to see all the differnt destinations I have worked.

Do you photograph destination weddings?

Absolutely! I actually got married abroad myself so this was a question I once had to ask. A lot of the time your wedding photography can be booked as a package deal with your venue. From my own experience I couldn’t find anyone I liked this way, so I decided to fly over a working professional from the UK. Wedding photography is so important and having everlasting memories documented properly is paramount.

Can we meet up to look over your work?

I would be happy to come and meet you within 15 miles, or arrange a central location to us both. Alternatively Lisa Rose Bridal where I’m based out of in Solihull.

I have a few gorgeous albums that you can look through, to get an idea of what a full day’s coverage looks like. Consultations are a great way to ask me as many questions as you like about your wedding photography. We can also discuss a possible engagement shoot at your venue or another location.

Do you take group photographs? That is something that is really important to us.

I always encourage group photographs and will make sure I have a complete list of all the shots you want. I will however look over your timeline and advise how much time we will have and the amount I think are possible. To avoid turning your wedding into a photoshoot I advise only the most important images, so you and your guests can really enjoy the day.

How long does it take before we can see our finished wedding photography?

I always aim to deliver your finished images within 4 weeks of the wedding. I believe in offering this service as I know how excited you’ll be to view your wedding memories. Additionally to this I will post a few images on social media within a few days to wet your appetite.

We have a friend who has said they could shoot our wedding…

I would strongly advise against this, does your friend have the correct equipment and experience? The gear I bring to weddings is specifically designed to capture beautiful images in low light, for example, in churches where flash isn’t allowed. I also carry full back up equipment in case there are any issues on the day. Weddings are a one off occasion and you can’t afford to make mistakes. After the big day, all you’re left with is memories and photographs, so it’s worth taking extra care to make sure you have the best possible document of the day. Have a read over some of my Testimonials to see why this is so important.

Why is Wedding Photography so expensive? Shouldn’t I just go with someone cheaper?

Wedding photography requires an awful lot of work behind the scenes. Not to mention the equipment I use to make your beautiful images is very expensive. There is a lot of time involved in meeting you, planning for the big day and researching multiple venues. When the wedding is over you can enjoy your honeymoon but for me that’s when the real work starts. I will typically spend around 50+ hours editing a full day’s wedding photography. I really pride myself on this element of my service and I go in with a fine tooth comb making sure everything is perfect. So in answer to the above question, if you pay peanuts you do get monkeys. This is a big investment and something you cannot afford to get wrong, don’t be tempted in by really cheap wedding photographers. Chances are they aren’t right for you.

Do you provide wedding albums and can we get parent albums too?

I’am proud to say I do offer beautifully designed wedding albums. On our first meeting I can show you some of these. I also offer differnt wedding photography packages which incorporate albums. I have never had any complaints about any of my albums. As a Birmingham based wedding photographer I have made 100’s and they’re of superior quality. You can have a look at my albums Here.

How many photographs can I expect & do I own the copyright?

Typically you can expect to receive somewhere between 300 to 500 images depending on how long I am with you on the day. It’s not always about numbers though, quality not quantity is important. As for copyright, I own the copyright to the images but I give you the right to print them. You can use them in any way you choose for personal use, but you can’t use them for commercial purposes.

What happens if someone else enquires about our wedding date & we haven’t booked yet?

Like most business’s I offer my services to the first person who secures the date with a signed contract and a paid deposit. I would strongly recommend booking well ahead for summer months as my wedding photography services are most in demand during that period.

How much is the booking fee and when is the final balance due?

Everyone’s booking fee will vary but it will be 25% of the package that you choose. This is to be paid at the time of booking to secure your date. The final balance will then be due 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Please go over to the Contact form on my site to get in touch about your special day.