hey! i’m phil


International DJ turned wedding photographer, not what you were expecting right? Don’t worry I’ve been doing this over 10 years now, you’re in safe hands. The music stuff was awhile back, scroll down to see a photo (honest I was a DJ)

This is normally the place where you say how much you love coffee, spoiler alert.. I don’t drink it (diary intolerant) poor me!

I’m currently learning guitar, I couldn’t let the music part of me go completley! I am a huge Mark Knophler fan and like to think I can play a few of his songs (sort’ve)

In my downtime you’ll find me hanging out with my girls, Lisa my wife of 8 years and our two daughters, plus one crazy dog! (Luna who’s a mixture of a Springer spaniel + patterdale terrier, she’s mental)



Away from the Camera

Here’s me with the family, not going to lie it took a few attempts to get this shot! What’s even more strange for me, is that I’m in it! It’s always me taking them, so it’s great to actually be in one for a change!

So about that DJ career, did that help me as a wedding photographer? It honestly did, as photography was always something I loved and the camera was with me on every tour! I’d be snapping candids inbetween shows and going off in search of amazing landscapes (especially in Canada) which has really helped with my work now!

If you’ve travelled around the globe, we will certainly get along, I’ve been to a few places over the years with the DJ’ing & love to hear about your adventures!

Here’s the photo I mentioned earlier by the way, pretty cringe I know, but I was in my early 20’s!

Work and Ethos

Having been a professional wedding photographer for over a decade, I’ve built up a style and sense of storytelling in my photography. If you haven’t already picked up on it, my style is all about the moments! I will pose a few important group pics, but that’s not what I’m about. I’d rather get to know you and your guests and become one of you on the day! 

That’s not to say I won’t steal you away for a cheeky sunset or some portraits! Are you here because you like a sunset photo? On your day, I am all over the weather app and will make sure if the golden ball in the sky makes an appearance, we won’t miss it!

Each and every wedding I’ll you a give 110%, nothing else is good enough! I forgot to mention earlier, OCD is a bit of thing, so getting your photos perfect is pretty important for me! Enough waffle anyway, let’s chat about YOUR day!


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