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Destination Wedding Photographer | Engagement Shoot – Asha & Dan

Asha & Dan’s Destination Wedding Photographer | Engagement Shoot

When Asha first asked me to be their destination wedding photographer I was over the moon. These were two such lovely people and I couldn’t wait to help them tell their unique story. Most of my engagement sessions are normally quite local but Asha had some incredible visions of what she wanted down by the seaside. Of course I said yes when she asked if I’d travel down to Burnham. Having spent sometime in Western Superman when I was younger, I was familiar with a few of the locations and knew it would be amazing.

As a destination wedding photographer I just love to spread my wings and travel all over the UK and beyond. Have a look at making your own trip to the beautiful Burnham on-sea here.

The Importance Of A Birmingham Wedding Photography Engagement Shoot

Nearly all of my couples I meet for engagement photography shoots, have never had professional images before. When booking your destination wedding photographer, I always recommend an engagement shoot and here are the reasons why. Firstly becoming comfortable with your Birmingham wedding photographer is so important. This can make or break on getting amazing images. Secondly learning some beautiful poses ahead of the wedding will make the day so much more enjoyable. Having confidence on your special day will really show in your pictures.

As a Birmingham wedding photographer most of my shoots start in a similar way. First up I like to give you some space to get comfortable and really enjoy the experience. The key to great Birmingham wedding photography is for you to be yourselves around me. If you’re enjoying the moment and comfortable with me it really shows. Capturing your ever lasting memories is what I love to do.

Asha & Dan made it clear from the start that they love a more candid style of Destination wedding photography. This makes me happy as that’s exactly how I love to document. With that being said they had no problems at all when it came to posing. These two really were naturals in front of the camera.

Memorable Moments From The Engagement Shoot

From the moment I arrived I just knew this was going to be an amazing shoot. The weather was incredible and I had already decided I was going to stay until sunset. I’am so glad I did as it was a truly unforgettable one. A little while into the session I had an idea about the local lighthouse. Being a destination wedding photographer I always look for unique and interesting locations. Most people who go to Burnham tend to take a very similar shot with the lighthouse. I had an idea for Asha & Dan to climb up onto the steps and ascend up to the top. This was a tricky feat as the steps were 6ft above the beach, but we managed! I’am so pleased we did as I was able to create something very differnt for their album.

Another amazing part of the session was the incredible sunset at the end. We drove around for a little while looking for an amazing place to setup. To my delight we found an absolutely gorgeous beach, which was perfect for destination wedding photography. In all my years in Birmingham wedding photography, I have never seen such a beautiful sunset. If you look below you will see a few of the images I captured, I really think they came out perfectly. For me as a Birmingham wedding photographer nothing makes me happier than giving my clients wonderful memories. That for me is everything in my business and what keeps me motivated each and every day.

Looking For A Birmingham Wedding Photographer To Capture Your Precious Memories?

Thank you for reading my destination wedding photography blog post. I hope my love for Birmingham wedding photography is coming through and you can see how much it means to me. This is what I love to do and I’d be honoured to work with you. Being a part of your special day and helping to document your special moments, is why I do what I do. Please do not hesitate to get in touch as I’d love to be your wedding photographer and I can’t wait to hear from you.

My aim is to reply to all enquires within hours not days as I want this experience to be amazing from the start. From your first e-mail to receiving your final album, this should be the most memorable experience.

With my Birmingham wedding photography I don’t just work around the Midlands, I shoot weddings all over the UK and abroad. I absolutely love travelling, so please don’t think I wouldn’t want to shoot your Destination wedding wherever you’re based.