Thank you so much this was perfect timing right after our honeymoon! We looked at the pictures last night and they are perfect! You have captured some incredible moments! We loved looking at these. My niece Molly who finally caught the bouquet is now also engaged and looking to get married next year or the year after. We have already recommended you!”

Raheela & Jeremy


When Raheela first got in touch, I was thrilled to be their Davenport House wedding photographer. Having never worked at this stunning venue I had heard great things, so I was very excited to be photographing there! As a Birmingham wedding photographer, I love being able to really push my creativity and Davenport House certainly allows me to do that.

Raheela & Jeremy’s summer wedding was unforgettable and one of my favourites from this season. They’re such amazing people and were a real joy to work with! As a Birmingham wedding photographer, I couldn’t have asked for a better couple.

I’m very excited to show you all their Davenport House wedding photography. From the moment I arrived in the morning, right up until the crazy dance floor antics, this wedding was very memorable! For me, that is what Birmingham wedding photography is all about. I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Raheela & Jeremy for trusting me to document their special day. As a Davenport House wedding photographer, I really cannot wait to be back there soon!


I was the couple’s Davenport House wedding photographer in August of this year. The weather was warm and wet in the morning, I was very thankful we had no rain when it mattered! August was a funny month this year, you really couldn’t predict it! As a Birmingham wedding photographer, it’s my duty to you to be prepared for anything. During your wedding, I’ll always be looking for the best light and locations to photograph. I will take these worries away from you, you’re in safe hands.

Davenport House offers two places to get ready in the morning, which I love as it allows for an even more diverse album. I must say I was blown away by the master suite. The light was just beautiful in there, it really was every wedding photographer’s dream!

Raheela started off in the cottage, which is a stunning building on the grounds. With everyone in great spirits, I just knew this was going to be an amazing wedding!

Shortly after the girls had finished bridal prep, we all headed up to the master suite. I was eagerly awaiting this time of the day, as I wanted to see just how amazing the light would be. As a Davenport House wedding photographer, this is something I really love about this venue. Every room has a unique and gorgeous quality of light. To really bring it all home, the sun had made an appearance and the rain was finished for the day! I know Jeremy had been very worried about the weather, so I was thrilled for him as it’s the one thing you can’t control.


I really do love my job as a Birmingham wedding photographer. I always get to witness such precious moments in your lives and at the same time do what I love. Each wedding is truly unique and different, capturing your story is what I enjoy most! Every day I wake up feeling blessed I get to call this my profession!


I can safely say as a Davenport House wedding photographer, this is certainly creeping up my all-time favourite venues list! It really is such a privilege to be a part of this stunning venue! As a Shropshire wedding photographer, it makes me very proud to be connected to such a gorgeous location.


With everyone now eagerly awaiting the bride’s arrival, it was time for one of my favourite parts of the day to begin. The wedding ceremony in my opinion is just magical, I absolutely love candid imagery in my photography. This is that time of the day when I get to really focus on real uncut emotions. For most couples, this is the most heartfelt part of their wedding day and it’s such a privilege to be there to capture it!

As a Birmingham wedding photographer, documenting all the wonderful moments that unfold during your ceremony, is of the utmost importance to me. It really fits my style of luxury wedding photography, I live for candid & natural moments! After your wedding day is over, these will be the moments that transcend time and live through the coming generations. Reminding them just how special your day really was!

I can tell you now that this ceremony did not disappoint and was very emotional.


To my delight the weather was now incredible, meaning we could all make the most of the beautiful outdoor space at Davenport House. This idyllic venue really does have it all, incredible period features indoors and breathtaking grounds. If you walk down to the bottom of the field you may even bump into some cows 🙂

With everyone’s spirits still high and the drinks flowing, it was time to blend into the wedding party. Being a Birmingham wedding photographer, I don’t like to interfere with this time of the day too much. It’s all about capturing the honest story and letting things unfold organically.

After some time enjoying the festivities, it was time for the newlywed’s portraits. During summer weddings I like to try and get out 2/3 times. It really is a wonderful time of year, as you get to take advantage of the light for longer. With extended daylight hours, you really can make the most of all the different lighting conditions. Raheela & Jeremy really were fab in front of the camera. Raheela really had a clear vision of what she wanted and we’d spoken in great detail about the style of photos she liked. I was thrilled with how the images turned out. You can see a select few below. I haven’t included the full gallery as the couple wanted them to be private and I always respect your right to privacy.


Speeches are always a great time during weddings. The very real emotion surrounding this part of the day is why I love them. As a Davenport wedding photographer, I enjoy nothing more than capturing these brief but powerful moments. Getting to witness and photograph this special time in my couple’s lives really is a privilege and one I never take for granted.

In my UK wedding photography business, I pride myself on being able to anticipate when a moment is about to happen. Speeches are the perfect example of this. I really have to think on my feet to make sure you don’t miss a thing! The speeches at this Davenport House wedding were extremely funny and I had a hard time trying to keep it together, the best man was hilarious!


At every wedding, there is always something truly unique that happens. As a UK luxury wedding photographer, I’m always surprised and amazed by every wedding’s uniqueness. Among all the beautiful candid moments, something always stands out to me. At this Davenport House wedding, I will never forget a particular moment.

Upon arrival, Jeremy & his best man brought along their supercars! To say I was a little surprised would be an understatement. It’s not every day you see a stunning Lamborghini parked up. The decision was made, we just had to give the car a mini photoshoot! I’ve included some images above, I hope you liked them 🙂


I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Raheela & Jeremy for having me as their Davenport House wedding photographer. It was an amazing day and one I will never forget. If you’re planning your wedding and are interested in my luxury wedding photography services please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d really love to hear from you, I don’t just work in The West Midlands, Solihull, Warwickshire, or Birmingham, I shoot all over the UK and overseas. Make sure you have a look at the idyllic Davenport House Here.