“Phil you have outdone yourself. I cannot thank you enough truly because every single photo is amazing. We saw things we didn’t see originally on the day. Thank you so so much. We may be getting two albums at this rate lol.

Danica & Dominic x”


Being Danica & Dominic’s Nuthurst Wedding Photographer

When Danica first got in touch, I was overjoyed to be their Nuthurst wedding photographer. Being a recommended supplier for this wonderful venue, I know it well and love working there! In my Birmingham wedding photography business, I love being valued by stunning venues such as Nuhurst Grange Hotel.

Danica & Dominic’s summer wedding was going to be a fabulous day. They’re such amazing people and a real joy to work with! As a Birmingham wedding photographer, I couldn’t have asked for more!

I’m so excited to show you all their Birmingham wedding photography. From the minute I arrived, right up until way after the dancing, this wedding was simply incredible! I really hope you can get a feel for the emotion of the day through my photographs. For me, that is what Birmingham wedding photography is all about. I’d just like to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am, that Danica & Dominic trusted me to capture their special day. As a Nuthurst wedding photographer, I really cannot wait to be back there in the near future.

How Danica & Dominic’s Wedding Photography Began!

I photographed the couple’s Summer wedding at Nuthurst Grange in August of this year. The weather was typically British and I was thankful we had no rain! With that being said we were treated to a gorgeous sunset 🙂 As a Birmingham wedding photographer, I feel it’s my job to be prepared for anything, The sunset was fleeting but we were ready for it and got some gorgeous images! During your wedding, I’m always looking for the best light and locations. It’s my job to take these worries away from you!

Arriving early, I took some lovely establishing shots of the venue. Nuthurst Grange really does have a lot to offer, so I got to work capturing the venue in all its glory.  As a Birmingham wedding photographer, I am always making sure I add all the detail of your day to the album. With Nuthurst Grange already looking beautiful, it makes capturing this luxury wedding venue a breeze.

Shortly after I headed up to the Hen House (bridal suite) where the atmosphere was electric! The girls were all in such great spirits, which allows me to capture wonderful images of the scene.

The girls were all so welcoming and really easy to photograph. This makes my job effortless and a joy. The music was playing the atmosphere was fab, and all these things combined led to gorgeous wedding images.


I really do love my job as a Birmingham wedding photographer. This is because I get to witness those precious moments in my clients’ lives. Each wedding is truly unique and different, capturing the true story is why I love this job so much! Every day I wake up and feel blessed I get to call this my career!

Capturing Precious Moments

With Danica & her bridesmaids now adding the finishing touches, it was time to get ready to head over to the church. There is something magical about a church wedding and I love to be a part of that. As a Birmingham wedding photographer, I’ve photographed churches all over the country. Each has its own unique character. People don’t make buildings like that anymore, such exquisite architecture is truly inspiring to me!

I’m Very Proud To Be A Recommended Nuthurst Wedding Photographer!

I can safely say as a Nuthurst wedding photographer, this is certainly one of favourite venues! It really is such a privilege to be a part of this stunning venue! As a Birmingham wedding photographer, it makes me very proud to be connected to such an incredible place as ‘Nuthurst Grange Hotel’

How The Ceremony At The Olton Friary Unfolded

Danica & Dominic were to be married in the stunning Olton Friary. This beautiful building just oozes history and looks incredible, a perfect place to tie the knot.

With everyone eagerly awaiting the bride’s arrival, it was time for one of my favourite parts of the day to begin. The ceremony, as a Birmingham wedding photographer, I just love photojournalism in my photography. This is the time of the day when I get to really focus on the raw emotion. For most couples, this is the most heartfelt part of their wedding day and it’s such a privilege to capture it for you!

In my Birmingham wedding photography, capturing all the wonderful moments that unfold during the ceremony, is of the utmost importance to me. It really suits my style of luxury wedding photography, as I live for candid & natural moments! These will be the moments that transcend time and live through the coming generations, reminding them just how special your day was.

I can tell you that the ceremony did not disappoint and was overflowing with emotion. To my delight the weather was still holding out, meaning we could all make the most of the beautiful outdoor space at Nuthurst Grange.


With the ceremony now over, it was time to head back to Nuthurst Grange! You really are spoilt for choice at Nuthurst, with its herb gardens, helicopter access, and gorgeous rural surroundings.

With everyone’s spirits still high and the drinks flowing, this is the time I like to blend into the wedding party. As a Birmingham wedding photographer, I don’t like to stage things too much. It’s all about the honest story of the day and capturing events as they unfold organically.

After some time enjoying the festivities, it was time for the wedding breakfast. We decided to do the portraits after the breakfast as the light was a little harsh at this time of day. We were forecast a lovely sunset that evening, so I knew we’d get back out and capture some magical photos!


Speeches are always a great time during weddings. The very real emotion surrounding this part of the day is why I love them so much. As a Nuthurst wedding photographer, I enjoy nothing more than all the love in the room. I get to witness and photograph these special moments in my couples’ lives an it really is an honour!

In my Birmingham wedding photography business, I pride myself on being able to anticipate when a moment is about to happen. Speeches are the perfect example of this. you really have to concentrate and think on your feet to capture these fleeting moments. The speeches at this Nuthurst Grange wedding were extremely funny and I had a hard time trying to keep it together, as I found some of the banter between guests very amusing!



 At every wedding, there is always something truly unique that happens. As a UK luxury wedding photographer, I’m always looking for these moments. Amongst all the beautiful candid moments, something always stands out to me. At this Nuthurst Grange wedding, I will never forget a few particular moments.


First up would be Danica & Dominic’s portraits! It’s so clear to see the connection between these two and it shines through in the photos! We had already done an engagement session a few months before, which is a great way to become more prepared for this part of the wedding. With that being said there was a lovely chemistry between them, which really allowed me to capture some amazing images. One in particular I love is a photo of the couple holding some smoke grenades. Even though if they were held wrong the dress could be damaged, Danica just looked so happy! When my couples trust me and it all comes together like this, the results are incredible.


The second thing that I will never forget is the speeches competition! Everyone had their bet placed on how long the speeches would be. I think around £100 was at stake here, so competition was fierce! The end result was so so close, with Dominic’s Dad mistakingly thinking he had won, to then moments later discover he hadn’t! His reaction was priceless!


I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Danica & Dominic for having me as their Nuthurst wedding photographer. It was an amazing day and one I will never forget. If you’re planning your wedding and are interested in my luxury wedding photography services please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d really love to hear from you, I don’t just work in The West Midlands, Solihull, Warwickshire, or Birmingham, I shoot all over the UK and overseas. Make sure you have a look at the beautiful Nuthurst Grange Hotel Here.

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