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Wedding Photography Prices In The UK: A Detailed Guide For 2023


Not sure about wedding photography prices? You’re honestly not the only one.

Wedding photography can seem to be really expensive. So you’ve found your dream photographer, but they come with a hell of a price tag. You may be thinking how you can book them, but without wiping out your savings in the process.


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Knowing all the little details and information about wedding photography prices, will help you make the right decision and allow you to work within your personal budget.

This wedding photography prices guide goes over everything, from the average price of wedding photography in the UK for 2023, to the factors that can contribute to the overall cost. This has been updated since 2021 for the previous year. All information for 2023 isn’t availble yet, this will however be close! You will find information about local average wedding photographer prices, along with answers to common questions regarding pricing. (In other words, you don’t need to worry about reading ALL the other out of date articles).


Wedding Photography Prices In The UK


The average cost for a wedding photographer in the UK according to ‘Hitched’ is between £1600-£3200.

It is recommended to spend about 5-10% of your total budget on their wedding photography. That is a big range but is consistent with the pricing indicated by “Your Perfect Wedding Photographer” & Hitched.co.uk. 

In my persoanl opinion, I’d always recommend spending closer to 10% of your budget on a wedding photographer. Remember that your flowers will wilt, the cake will be eaten, your invites will be binned after the day, your dress worn once, your shoes will be packed away back in their box – but your wedding photography will live on as the only lasting memory of the day. Make sure it’s done properly, don’t skimp on it 🙂


Local Wedding Photographers Prices By Region


Prices can vary greatly within local regions for wedding photographers. When we take a closer look – Your Perfect Wedding Photographer has cited from their 2020 survey some of the differences in regions throughout the UK. YPWP stated that the cheapest region is the North East at £1100 and the most expensive region being the South West.

Having taken a closer look at different wedding photographers, searching for the regional average, there were some discrepancies to note. Looking at different wedding photographers in all of the regions of the UK – then taking an average of each region’s local prices, of the photographers that had them listed on their site for all day wedding packages. Here is a detailed breakdown of what I found.


Regional Average Prices For Wedding Photographers


The stat’s I have found match YPWP’s survey with the North East of England having the cheapest wedding photographer prices and the South West having some of the most expensive prices I’ve seen. I did find a minor discrepancy, that London wedding photographer prices were among the most expensive, but this maybe that there was a larger sample size, as there are many wedding photographers in London and most of them listed their prices on their website.




According to stats of my study, the average price of wedding photographers in London were £1679. The reasons for this difference between my findings and the survey conducted by YPWP could be simply the sheer number of photographers in London along with the the variety of packages offered. By far, London wedding photographers had the most websites that had a price for all day wedding photography out of all of the regions I researched.

  • London £1850

  • South West  £1700

  • Wales £1500

  • North East £1350

  • South East £1650

  • North West £1400

  • Scotland £1700

  • West Midlands £1700

  • East of England £1550

  • East Midlands £1575

  • Northern Ireland £1500


*Remember these are all averages, and based on a small sample size, as many wedding photographers do not list their prices on their website.

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Comparing All Wedding Photographer’s Prices


So with all that information, how do you decide what’s the best option for you?

There are so many wedding photographers out there, where on earth do you start? When considering different wedding photographers, it’s so important to find a good balance between your budget and what you’re looking for some examples of this would be (experience, second photographers, longer hours, someone competant in all situations and well versed in lighting).

It’s really hard to compare wedding photography prices, as the costs are only part of the story. Many factors can affect the final price, so it’s mportant to research your potential photographers carefully. Remember as I mentioned earlier, your photos will be the only things left after your day. Sometimes not going as crazy on that extravagant cake, can help you afford your dream wedding photogrpaher!




Since there are so many things that can affect the price of different photographers, it really is important to have a good understanding of these variables and how they might influence the price you pay for your supplier.  There is a lot of work that goes into photographing a wedding and all of the factors associated with them. Not to mention the years of training a good photogrpaher will have undertaken!

The price of wedding photography is based on how many hours your photographer is required to shoot on your wedding day right? The number of final images, any additional photographers or assistants and so much more. This is why I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to understand what the associated costs with wedding photography are, along with the sheer amount of time that is required.




Can you hazzard a guess at how long a wedding photographer spends with a couple, when they’re hired to photograph a wedding?

10 hours? 14 hours?  20 hours?

What if I told you, it can an often is so much more than this!

Wedding photography prices are directly related to the time a photographer’s services are required. This isn’t just limted to showing up and photographing the wedding day, as so many people are surpised to discover! There is lots of prep work involved for a wedding. Communication with the couple, liasing with the cordinator, engagement shoots and discussing your timeline to name a few.

Your Perfect Wedding Photographer did a recent survey with hundreds of wedding photographers across the UK and the results should really surprise you!

The survey concluded that the actual time the photographer spent photographing the wedding day was only around 4% of the time they dedicated to a wedding! Now that makes sense to me as someone who photographs weddings for a living, but to anyone else it must be quite a revelation! The majority of time is spent on editing and on business-related tasks (a total of 72%) other than the actual photography.




One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Different Pricing Options For Photographers


When you’re looking at different pricing options between wedding photographers, expect to be a little bamboozled. Wedding photography pricing is not something that is similar across the board. Some photographers offer wedding packages and some offer a la carte pricing. I persoanlly don’t offer packages and prefer the latter. Jump on a Facetime or Zoom call with me and I’ll explain why!

Typical packages tend to include a set number of hours and images. They might also include some products like prints or albums. But what happens if you don’t want to use the packages the wedding photographer offers? This happened a lot for me, which is why I now offer the a la carte pricing.

Many including myself will offer a more bespoke offering should you need it. The only thing I won’t budge on is the time I am with you on the day! It’s a full day or nothing, I want to tell your whole!

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So Come On, How Much Are Wedding Photographers Per Hour?


Typically on average, a wedding photographer price is apparently about £150 an hour. This is however a very rough estimate and each photographer will charge a different hourly rate. I will be totally honest with you, this is quite a bit lower than my price point. But if you’re here reading this, do you want an average wedding photographer? You’re looking for something more right?

Hourly wedding photography pricing isn’t really as common as package pricing, especially during the peak seasons. Hourly rates can depend on a few factors such as the location of the photographer, their experience, day of the week and time of the year.


Some Facts About Wedding Photography Packages & Prices


Most wedding photographer’s prices will inevitably come in all shapes and sizes. Each photographer will offer something a little different for a multitude of reasons. The packages will normally stipulate the time the photographer will be at your wedding, how many edited images will be delivered and any other products, such as a bespoke USB or beautifully designed wedding album.

The more services and products you want, will directly affect the total overall cost. It is best to talk with the photographer about what bespoke wedding package suit you at the time of booking. Make sure you fully understand what exactly is included in your package and ensure the contract you have details these services. Cross your ‘I’s & dot your ‘T’s’ you don’t wany any surpsies after the big day. My contract is really simple and has no hidden costs etc, I believe in being fully transparent. For me your experience is paramount!

To give you an idea of the different types of wedding photography packages that photographers will use across the UK:


BASIC PACKAGES (usually cheaper)


Basic wedding photography packages will normally include the photographer’s time for shooting the main events of the day, such as the ceremony, family photos parts of the reception. These packages tend to be shorter in time and your photographer most probably not be present the whole day. As I mentioned earlier, if this is what you’re looking for I am probably not the photographer for you. I like to be with you from start to finish!

Couples who choose a basic wedding photography package, normally are looking for coverage for specific events and only a few edited photos, with no tangible products (such as albums and prints). If you are on a restricted budget these types of packages might be perfect for you.


MIDRANGE PACKAGES (getting there)


Midrange wedding photography packages tend to include a longer amount of time than the basic wedding packages. These packages can include meetings with couples (usually online), a pre wedding shoot, and a decent amount of wedding photos on a USB or online gallery.

Midrange wedding photography packages normally have a set number of hours too and will capture most of the important moments on your wedding day. Photographers tend to limit these packages to about 8 or 9 hours. Again this still isn’t the full day, do you really want important moments being missed?!




High end Wedding Photography packages include the very highest level of service and products. This includes full day wedding coverage right from the very start of the day, to the madness on the dancefloor & beyond!

These expensive packages mean you will have a highly skilled photogrpaher, who won’t just focus on amazing photos, but also on your experience. You will probably get a pre-wedding photo shoot and some photography products like an album and prints. Does this sound like the level of service you’d be looking for? If it does I might be the photographer for you! Am I the cheapest, certainly not, but I’ll treat you like I would my own family and we will have an incredible experience together. This might be one of the biggest investments you make in yoursevles on your wedding day. The most common feedback I hear these days, is couples regretting not booking a better photographer!


So Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive In The UK?

The answer really isn’t that simple. There are so many variables that can affect photography pricing.

Money for equipment (this is crazy), insurance, employees, software, and that doesn’t even include everyday costs like travel. (the price of fuel at the of writing this is pretty out there isn’t it)

Photographing weddings is time-consuming and expensive. Hidden business costs, post-wedding editing, lots of emailing back and forth, all of this good stuff, is on top of the time you spend photographing the wedding day. A full wedding can be in excess of 20-40 hours of work in total. This includes editing images, planning timelines with you and scouting locations on our own time.


Professional Wedding Photography Prices: Breaking Down The Costs for 2023




First up we have online marketing such as Google Adwords, or Facebook marketing which is all done as a (PPC) or pay per click. To give you an idea, if I were to advertise on Google Adwords for my main Keywords, Birmingham Wedding Photographer or UK Wedding Photographer, the cost is estimated at anywhere between £1.50 -£2.00 per click!

Facebook/Instagram Marketing can be just as expensive, but if done properly, it can be very effective. Typically I tend to spend more of my time on Instagram marketing as I find it suits my personal business model better. Over the last few years the organic reach on these platforms has somewhat declined, gone are the good old days of reaching 10-20% of your audience on a post. It’s now around 1%!




There are many different wedding shows & fayres throughout the UK. These wedding events are good for couples to meet potential vendors. The problem is the fees associated with this type of advertising can get wildly expensive. These fees can run between £500 to £2000 per booth. It all depends on how exclusive the wedding show is and how many photographers are advertising.




I’m sure you’ve heard a few horror stories about someones wedding photos being blurry or grainy because of the quality of the camera equipment. I persoanlly have never wanted my couples to even have to consider this, so I invested heavily in my equipment. I am always fully equipt at every wedding with pro end gear and multiple lighting setups! Not to mention a multitude of backups, things do brake and it has happened to me. Which is why I am prepared for any situation. You can rest easy in the knowledge I’ve got you covered, enjoy the day!

However being prepared with good quality gear isn’t cheap, and this costs me about £25,000 for the initial investment. Good equipment requires updating every few years. This is in turn is what you’re paying for. Someone with years of experience and most importantly someone you can trust. Pop over to my testominals page, to see whay my previous couples think about how I work! In the 300+ weddings I’ve photogrpahed, I’ve never had an issue I wasn’t able to deal with. I wouldn’t sleep at night if I wasn’t prepared on your wedding day, we only get one shot!




Photographing a wedding is only a fraction of the work that needs to be done when booking a wedding. Most photographers will spend anywhere between 15 to 30 hours to edit a wedding. (I tend to take around 25-40) Professional editing software and a good computer are essentiall. Having a great computer, software and hard drives can range anywhere from £3000 to £5000 depending on the different brands. I am an Apple nerd and have spent a bloody fortune on it all, however it means you get stunning photos and don’t have to wait as long, as I can be more effient.


What Are The Direct Costs That Affect Wedding Photography Pricing


Besides all of the above costs, you also have the direct costs that the wedding photographer will incur for each wedding.




While most couples aren’t 100% certain that they need a second photographer, for couples who require and request them, this will be an added cost to be added on to each wedding. Depending on the length of the size of the wedding (and the experience of the second photographer) these costs can range anywhere from £400-600 per wedding. Now me personally, I very rarely work with a second photogrpaher. For weddings under 120-150 day guests, I find I am more than capable as a solo shooter. An assistant however is differnt as they can help massivly with lighting etc. You might be shocked to find out, I’ve not worked with a second shooter since 2016!

If you’d like to know more about why I haven’t, pop me an e-mail and we can jump on a call. I am not going to try and charge you for something you may not need. Once I know your exact needs, I can tailor something that fits your wedding perfectly!




The photographer will have to plan to spend some money for travel and parking. This can vary due to distance and location. I don’t charge for travel under 100 miles each way 🙂

Some larger venues might make the photographer pay for parking for the length they are in attendance at the wedding. This is pretty rare and I’ve not come accross this often, but we would chat about it before!




Products such as albums and prints differ in price ranges. Again this all comes down to quality and amount etc. For my albums, I only use the finest quality Italian Acrylic tab & front leather bound albums, from Graphistudio. Prints I work closley with Loxley here in the UK, who are world renowd for their stunning prints!


UK Wedding Photographer – Price Ranges




If your price point is £2500 and upwards then you are in a very safe hands. This is a great place to be to guarantee that you’ll have the best of the best with top-quality work. So if you’d been wondering where I fit in this category? This is my price point, not cheap I know, but you really are in safe hands, we will be friends for life after the wedding, I am not just another supplier 🙂

You will notice a few things about wedding photographers in this group:

  • Technically they will be on point, with their equipment just becoming an extension of themselves. They will be able to organise everyone on the day and offer you support and advice for posing etc. Having shot many many weddings, you are truly in safe hands and have nothing to fear!
  • Your photographer might include a very high-quality album custom designed with your wedding images (sure do, that gorgeous Graphistudio one I was telling you about earlier!)

  • You can expect full day wedding photography coverage from early till late. An incredible experience from that first e-mail, right up till you get your gorgeous pics!

  • These photographers should have the very best of the best camera, lenses, and lighting equipment. These include primes lens and multiple camera bodies such as Canon or Nikon) and equipment should well be worth £25,000+. For the nerds of you out there, I currently shoot with 2x Nikon D6’s with a Nikon D5 for a backup. I also have a whole host of prime lenses. Wait what, you’re not on mirrorless yet? As of 2023, I am not no, heard too many peeople having issues and mine are built like tanks, giving me and you piece of mind that the day will go smoothly!

  • Post-processing or editing will be top-notch with an in house retoucher or editor. You get my signature style and I’ll go in on your pics for 25-40 hours! This is where the magic happens!

  • These guys get booked up years in advance, if you know they’re the one for you, just do it, get them BOOKED!



Most wedding photographers tend to fall into this bracket. This catorgary will require a fair bit of homework as it’s pretty saturated. Most photographers in this range will have shot many weddings before and have amazing experience and technical skills.

  • most photographers in this price point will be quite experienced and offer good packages and products. Most packages will include full-day coverage, with some form of an album, USB and prints.

  • photographers in this catorgary will also have a good knowledge in timeline planning. How the day should flow and shouldn’t get tripped spooked if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

  • most photographers in this prices range will be booking months probably years in advance.

  • they will have great equipment, including professional cameras, flashes, and other lighting setups.

  • most photographers in this range will work solo, or with a single second shooter.

  • They will have professional business and liability insurance as required by some venues.



  • most photographers in this range will have moderate experience and offer good packages and products.

  • these wedding day photography prices can be a bit lower, as some photographers offer smaller, more niche type packages (elopements, or half-days).

  • most of the time there will only be 1 photographer, but sometimes will have two for their larger packages.

  • if you are looking at a wedding photographer in this range, make sure you do your research. You want to check that they have insurance, professional equipment and a good portfolio. I’d ask to see a full gallery too, that usually weeds out any concerns from my experience. However, for what it’s worth, in my honest opinion, this price point is a little more risky and can be people who are early on in their career, which is fine.. however if you know that’s not what you’re looking for, be mindful of that, you get one chance on your wedding day!




I would strongy suggest avoiding this catorgary and do your research when going for a photographer who’s pricing is sub £500. Normally these photos are taken on a cheaper single camera, that was not made for some of the lower lighting conditions we see on wedding days. This can result in blurry, grainy (or both) wedding photos. They also tend to have one memory card in camera, which is a HUGE RED FLAG!! Usually the cost of doing business (the cost for insurance, professional gear, training, and marketing) is much greater than the price points under £500. In this case, photographers in this price category will have to cut corners and bought cheaper equipment or just not bothered with insurance at all!





So Why Do Wedding Photographers Vary In Price?


Many things can influence different photographer’s prices and the cost of doing business. Some wedding photographers offer smaller day packages, with limited options on post-processing and products. This is up to the individual photographer to set his/her prices.

Some photographers work full-time and offer more services, which would make them more expensive than someone who’s just starting out, building their portfolio with limited offerings.



  • Number of hours of coverage

  • Number of photographers on the day

  • Experience, popularity and brand popularity 

  • Marketing & online advertising 

  • Location

  • Services, prints & albums

  • Availability


Is Price A Good Indicator Of The Quality Of The Wedding Photographer?


Price isn’t always a good indicator of the quality of a wedding photographer. However from my own experience it’s normally a good indication. With that being said, always ask for a full gallery and do your due diligence.  Some wedding photographers could charge a lot in their first few years of business, but be relatively new to the industry and technical side of photography. I would research any potential photographer, to really get an idea of their style, cost, personality and ability!

Generally speaking, you could spend much more than the typical average, if wedding photos are important to you and you fall in love with a particular photographers style!


How Much Should I Spend On Professional Wedding Photographer?


It is recommended to spend about 10% of the total wedding budget on a wedding photographer.

This is ultimately up to you and what your goals and budget are for your wedding.

Figure out what that budget is, how important wedding photography is to you and then start researching photographers near you. Well they don’t have to be right on your doorstep, sometimes the dream photographer is out of town, but loves to travel and has a fresh perspective on a venue, which a local photographer works at week in week out! Ultimately wedding photography prices vary because of skill, experience, demand, popularity, and items you offer!


Should I Hire A Professional Photographer Or Use My Family Member who Owns The Nice Camera?


Short answer… NO! You’ve been spending all this time planning your wedding, and it’s not just any day. Your wedding day only happens once and can you really trust that family member or friend to nail it? Besides wouldn’t you want them to enjoy the day with you!? It’s important to find a wedding photographer that clicks with both of you, no matter what your budget. When hiring a wedding photographer check their prices before you get in touch, this will save you time. Also girls, remember your wedding photographer will probably spend more time with you on the day then your future hubby! Having a raport is key! Finally most wedding photographers post their prices or starting prices on their websites, so be sure to check these out!


How Do I get The Best Quality & Value For My Money Without Breaking The Bank On Wedding Photography?


Does the photographers images give you an emotional response? If they do, start there and arrange to have a chat. A video call is a great option as it saves time and can be done quickly and efficiently from the comfort of your own home. Make sure that your personalities align and you get on well. This can be a good time to double-check if they have the necessary insurances, as well as full equipment backups. And then, if they are within your budget, book them as early as possible. Highly skilled wedding photographers get booked up fast (anywhere between 2-3 years in advance).

Remember your wedding photography is an investment, that will last for years and generations to come. This really is something you don’t want to skimp on! Most of your wedding items: like your cake, dress, food, and decorations will only be used the once, but your photos will last a lifetime. Sounds cheesy doesn’t it, but it’s true! You all know the phrase, pay peanuts…!

Wedding photography is different, you will be able to relive these moments: the joy, the tears, the embraces and looks between the two of you. So when you are planning your wedding budget, photography is not something you want to skimp on. If you are thinking of hiring a friend or your Uncle Dave to do your wedding just don’t, please don’t lol! I really hope I’ve driven that home, it’s not worth it!




This article shows that the decision around wedding photography, should probably be based on what value you’re placing on the photographer you select to capture your day.

With the average spend in the UK at £1700, then if you want better photography than the average couple then you may be looking at spending more. Or alternativley if that doesn’t mean much to you, you might spend less.

Ultimately it really comes down to the experience and quality of service. Creativity plays a huge roll and most importantly the personality of the person you decide to hire and to spend 10-12 hours on the most important day of your life with. It all comes down to this. Is it worth it? How much is your wedding photography worth to you?

I honestly hope this guide helped you figure out how much a wedding photographer costs in the UK. If you like the look of my work or want more info on my prices then go on over to my pricing page.


If you are looking for a laid-back, photojournalist style for your wedding photography, I might just be the photographer for you.