Danni & Sam

Date – August 2022

Venue – Davenport House, Shropshire

Notes – Smiles and Joy all around. The sun broke through the clouds for some amazing outdoor shots.


Davenport House is one of my all-time favourite venues and a place I know very well! I am very fortunate to shoot at least five weddings a year at this beautiful spot. What’s not to love? Some of the best grounds of any venue, history, character, and probably the best staircase I’ve ever photographed at weddings! Honestly, Davenport House has it all! 


For Danni & Sam’s wedding they tied the knot in their local church, so not getting ready at Davenport House. Danni had chosen a stunning cottage in the middle of nowhere which I instantly loved! I had a great morning with the girls and the two dogs. It was laughter and tears from the get-go. I am not sure I’ve ever seen a bride smile as much as Danni did on her wedding day 🙂

As always at bridal prep, I end up moving quite a bit of furniture. I am always looking for the perfect light and interesting compositions. This nearly always involves moving things and I am more than happy to oblige. The key motivator here for me is giving you amazing photos, so I’ll do what needs to be done! I will always put it back how I found it too 🙂


No two churches are ever the same, however one or two things are usually similar. No using flash and quite low light. So I was very pleasantly surprised when this particular church was quite well-lit! As guests and Sam arrived, the heavens started to open, notice how I don’t use the R word. We’re not allowed to say that! With this being a summer wedding, I was hopeful it would pass even though the forecast said 80-100% chance all day, we ignore that 🙂

Nobody minds if it’s a little wet when you’re supposed to be indoors, we just need a break later in the day and if luck holds a sunset too! The ceremony itself was amazing, with lots of tears from both our bride & groom, which is so nice to see! 


After the church service was concluded we all headed outside. It was time for round one of confetti and for our newlyweds to mingle and chat with everyone! I’ve probably said this a thousand times, but you just have to factor this into your wedding planning. Having that 20-30 minutes of time right after your ceremony is so important! Everyone wants to see and speak to you when it’s new. You can take the group photos later, I’ve got you covered as we’ve already discussed and planned your timeline!

Now it was time to head over to the gorgeous Davenport House! The rain had stopped and everyone was in great spirits. Danni & Sam had opted for the circular setup at the venue which I love as it allows me to get in close to the action for the speeches. By now my prayers had been answered and the sun had made an appearance for the champagne tower! To my delight, it would now be out all the way till sunset, which really was the icing on the cake of this fabulous wedding! Davenport House really does offer some spectacular vistas for sunset photos and we fully took advantage of that 🙂


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Danni & Sam for choosing me as their wedding photographer and allowing me to capture their special day. It really was an epic wedding and one I won’t forget in a hurry! You two never stopped smiling and really brought the energy to the day which shows in your photos! You both embraced and nailed every pose I threw at you with a smile on your faces. Mix that in with the stunning backdrop of Davenport House and you have one of my favourite weddings of 2022!


Hey Phil,

We’re so happy and thank you for all your hard work! The photos are brilliant and we are very excited to show the family’s.
Danni & Sam