Natalie & Jack

Date – August 12th 2022

Venue – Shustoke Barn, The Midlands

Notes – Summer, heatwave & lots of fun!


Seriously this wedding, I am not even sure where to begin. To say I loved it would be an understatement! The weather was literally perfect and the people were a joy to be around! I nornally laugh a lot at weddings, as everyone is in such high spirits, however this was a seriously funny wedding. When I got into the car at the end of the night, my face was hurting in a good way 🙂


Natalie had chosen the gorgeous Granary to get ready at. I’d only been here once before, it’s a wonderful little venue. Tucked away in the countryside, 1-2 miles away from the venue. For anyone planning a wedding at the fabulous Shustoke Barn, be mindful you can’t get ready there. So findinging a location nearby is really important! 

Back to the wedding, as you can expect these lot were a bundle of laughs and I think the photos show that. As a Shustoke Barn photographer, I often have to pinch myself that this is really my job. I get to do what I love and have a laugh at the same time, pretty awesome right?!


I’ve done a lot of weddings at this exclusive venue over the years. One thing that never changes is the wow factor when you first walk in, the barn is just jaw dropping! Now this wedding was extra special as they’d really gone to town on the decor. Even including a triangle shaped decorative piece, which I LOVED! Make sure you have a look at the pics to see that plus all the floral pieces.

As you’d expect keeping within theme for the wedding, the ceremony was emotional and really funny! Not to mention photographing in this room is just a joy, it really is hard to take a bad photo, I just love it! Have I said I love this venue before? 🙂


WOW, this was one of those weddings I just can’t forget in a hurry! It was time to get outside for the celebrations! With the sun blasting down we all head outside, to the beautiful cpurtyard at the side of Shustoke Barn. This location is just a dream for a Shustoke Barn photographer, as the sun hits in beautifully! Natalie & Jack made their way round, sharing themselves with friends & family. As many of you will know by now, these are the moments I live for, the natural candid photos! 

This wedding had plenty of those and I was spoiled for choice! Honestly have a broswe through the gallery, you’ll see what I mean! I don’t think I saw a cloud in the sky all day, so I kind’ve knew we would get a sunset (well hoped)

Finally to round this incredible day off, Natalie & Jack were lucky enough to get that illusive UK sunset! What a sunset is was, I even convinced them to climb the fence and get into the nearby joining field, which is a perfect spot for some fab pics as the sun goes down! 


I feel I need to take this opportunity to thank Natalie & Jack for allowing me to be a part of their special day! I loved every second of it and I’ll never froget all the ‘in the know’ jokes you lot had! 



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