Jenny & Matt

Date – July 30th 2022

Venue – Davenport House, Shropshire

Notes – Summer wedding, lots of fun and moments!


It’s always good to be back at the stunning Davenport House, an all time favorite for sure! Having met Jenny & Matt a few years prior to this, I know it was going to be an amazing day. These two were the life and soul of the party and certainly brought the energy!


We started off bridal prep in the coach house, which is a gorgeous little cottage on the grounds of Davenport. A Shropshire wedding just isn’t the same without these quintessentially British quirks! The girls were all in fine form and I loved the atmosphere. Jenny even had her little one with her, who I think was only around 7/8 months old. I can also confirm, I don’t I’ve ever seen such a happy little soul, always smiling 🙂


If any of you have followed me for awhile, you’ll know how much I love this venue and all it’s stunning rooms! This one is just as fabulous, a truly unique place to say ‘I do’ It also has my favourite staircase in the business. I always recomend making your entrance via that way!

So how was the ceremony? I loved it and there was SO much emotion! I think pretty much everyone had a little cry, which always looks great on pics!


So what was the rest of the day like at this Shropshire wedding? With it being a summer wedding, we were lucky enough to all get outside and enjoy the weather. I always prefer this where possible, as people tend to let go more and swarm the bride & groom. It’s at this point, I am close and right up in the action, to really portray how it felt to be there in those moments.

There were so many wonderful moments and I got one of my favourite confetti shots too! Jenny & Matt did not dissapoint, I knew they wouldn’t! Shortly after I focused on some pics of them as a family, then just the two newly weds. These two were just naturals in front of the camera, their connection so evident!


I feel I need to take this opportunity to thank Jenny & Matt for allowing me to be a part of their big  day! Like every Shropshire wedding I capture, I truly loved it!


If you are looking for a laid-back, photojournalist style for your wedding photography, I might just be the photographer for you.