Katy & Sam

Date – December 17th 2022

Venue – The Meadow Barn, Stratford

Notes – Winter wedding, lots of snow and laughter!


It was so good to be back at the gorgeous Meadow Barns, a firm favorite of mine! Aside from this gorgous venue, there was another pretty major thing happening! We had SNOW on the ground, which has never happened for me at a wedding, not in my whole 10 plus year career! To say I was excited, was a huge understatement! Apprently when Katy was a young child she had said to her father, ‘I will be a princess and have snow on my wedding day’ to which if I remember his speech rightly, he dismissed it but smiled back at her. He really did eat those words on the day 🙂


Katy and her girls got ready at The Meadow Barns, which has some gorgeous rooms on location. I always recommend the room on the left for makeup as the light is just to die for. Have a look at the pics, you’ll get the idea! As far as Bridal prep goes, this was one of the good ones! The girls were all having such a laugh and it was infectious to be around! Those are the things I think every photographer looks for, great light and emotion, it’s the reciepe for success!


If you haven’t seen this incredible venue before, stop reading and scoll down to the photos to see it! This rustic barn is a dream to photograph and looks stunning when dressed for a wedding. Katy & Sam had really gone to town on the winter decor, which really was breathtaking!

Before every ceremony I like to get a gage on if either bride or groom could be a “crier” lol! From feedback I got, I was half expecting both of them to have a little moment, I wasn’t wrong!

The ceremony was full of raw emotion and plenty of tears, not just from Katy & Sam. Couple this with great light and the gorgeous Meadow Barns and you’re onto a winner! I am not sure how I’ve got this far into writing this without mentioning another star of the show! Katy & Sam had brought thier wonderful dog to the big day! Let’s just say he features quite a bit 🙂


Right let’s get into this, there’s so many amazing things to talk about! First up we had to get outside for confetti, however it was just a little bit cold! My job as a Birmingham wedding photographer, isn’t to just take pretty pictures, it’s so much more than that! I will work closely with the wedding planner to help keep things running smoothly on the day! Getting people outside on cold days for anything isn’t easy, but it’s got to be done 🙂

So we got some awesome confetti pics, now it was time to brave the cold again for family pics. I mean there was snow on the ground, would people really mind? To my delight everyone was up for it! I just love how these turned out, the colours contrasting with the snow is just stunning!

Now it was time to get Katy, Sam and thier fury friend onto the grounds of the Meadow Barns for some portraits! Now these two knew how to rock a pose or three! Thier connection was so obvious, it really was a joy to photograph them. I think I was just as excited as them, having snow on the ground, was something I’ve been waiting years to happen!

Back in we went for the speeches and festivities! The speeches were heartfelt and really funny, with loads more crying going on! Now onto the dance, of course Katy & Sam had rehearsed a routine, I mean could it get any better? Overall one of my favorite weddings of 2022, one I’ll never forget! 🙂



I feel I need to take this opportunity to thank Katy & Sam for allowing me to be a part of their special day! I just loved every single minute of it and I’ll never forget this winter wonderland experiance at the Meadow Barns!



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