Beth & James

Date – October 1st 2023

Venue – Cripps Barn, Cotswolds

Notes – Autumn, international wedding, Dubai.


Being a Cripps Barn wedding photographer, I am very familiar to this beautiful venue! Tucked away in the Cotwolds this really is a one of the most stunning places to get married! When Beth first got in touch, I was delighted at the prospect of being able to work here again. I love all the Cripps & Co venues, there’s just something magical about them!

So what is so special about Cripps Barn then? Well for starters, the lighting in the barn is a photographers dream! This is something Cripps really seem to have mastered and it makes thier venues so unique! Secondly, the grounds are incredible and offer so many amazing opportunities! Being a Cripps Barn photographer, this is something I really look for in a wedding venue, here we have it in abundance!


Now this was an incredibly special bridal & groom prep! Beth and James had hired out two gorgeous properties close to the venue. Both private and stunning in their own right, these were the perfect locations to compliment a Cotswold wedding! Both Beth & James live in Dubai and had flown back in specially to be married in the UK. Lots of their friends & family also enjoy a life in the sunshine too. I really enjoyed chatting to them all and hearing all the stories from aborad!

Let’s get straight into it, these guys were the best in the morning! I don’t think I stopped laughing and really felt like I’d been accepted in as one of the family! This is how I like to be on your wedding day, as it really allows me to get those candid moments in a totally unique way, from the persepctive of a guest! Beth and her friends and family truly let me in and it was such a privadlidge to be a part of the wedding day! We all had so much fun and lots of bottle of champagne were popped and some sprayed around!


When it was time for Beth to get into her wedding dress, I headed over to the James and the boys! The two cottages were only a few minutes apart, which was great as I was able to move quite freely between them both. Arriving with the lads, I knew these lot were up for it too! Lots of banter and a few beers knocking around, what’s not to love about that, right?!

This is why I just love weddings, getting to be around people this happy all the time is a drug to me! I am on the hunt 24/7 for the next moment and there were so many of them!


With both Beth & James almost ready to head over to Cripps Barn, it was time for me to make my way over! I always try to arrive ahead of the bride to capture guests having a good tinme and to showcase the venue. I’d already been to the venue before I started prep, as I wanted to get some drone images. It’s a such a gorgeous place I couldn’t risk not getting that ahead of time! You can’t trust the good old British weather can you lol?

Right enough waffle, let’s talk about the ceremony! It was a good one and there were loads of happy tears and lots of laughter! For me as a Cripps Barn wedding photographer I couldn’t of asked for more! The photos have turned out so well as these two awesome humans were just so relaxed in front of the camera. This was all helped by just how obvious it was, how they felt about one another!

Now the ceremony room is where Cripps Barn scores some serious browny points! When you leave the light is coming from both sides with a dark background behind the couple. Mixed into that dark background are all the floral decorations and candles, which sets me up for dreamy photos! I am happy to report I managed to get some crackers, make sure to go and have a look 🙂


You guessed it, these lot really did know how to party! Being a Cripps Barn wedding photographer, I was ready for this for this and got myself right in the thick of the action! On your wedding day I try to blend in as one of the guests who just happens to be carrying a couple of cameras! As I had already been accepted in the morning, I was able to get close to the action with ease, which lets me get close and really capture the essence of the day! Beth & James had really brought the A team to their wedding and it was a delight to photograph! Everywhere I would turn, something awesome was happening! Make sure to have a look through some of the pics, to get a feel for the party atmosphere!


With the wedding breakfast about to begin, this is when I like to steal you off for some portraits! There’s a few reasons for my timing on this. First up, there’s not as many people around to heckle you (which does happen lol) it’s also nice to have the background clear, so it’s just you and the scenery you fell in love with when visiting! Another bonus reason, is guests won’t try and talk to you when we’re on a tight schedule!

For this first session, I don’t like to keep you more than 10-15 minutes, as time with friends and family is everything on your wedding day! We stayed close to the venue and took advantage of the stunning grounds to the right. Beth & James really wanted some nice walking shots and just being natural with each other. So as a Cripps Barn wedding photographer I focussed on that for these portraits! In my mind I knew we would be back out again later with less time pressure. I’m over the moon with how they turned out and it’s really down to them as they were just so natural in front of camera!


Arguably one of my favorite times of the day! This is when it all comes out and the photo opportunies are at an all time high 🙂 Beth & James’s speakers did not dissapoint and I was howling in the background while trying to remain calm to capture it! It’s always the sign of great speeches when someone who doesn’t know you that well finds everything hilarious! Cripps Barn’s wedding breakfast room is setup perfectly, for me to take advantage of every moment! The lighting is on point and the space really lends itself to great photos!


Wow, there were so many amazing moments, here’s a few that really stuck out to me!

Firstly the banter in the morning with the girls was hilarious! These lot set the standard for every wedding I photograph now! We even got photos in a chicken coop, it was bonkers but so funny! 

The second thing that really sticks out to me, is just the way Beth & James were with each other! You can’t fake that and it’s why the pics turned out so well! If you two ever want to renew your vows, get me along please 🙂

Another thing I remember is seeing photos of their dogs back in Dubai, who were joining in the celerbration from a far! 

Finally, I loved the night photos we got in the evening with the smoke running through the background! That was a one in a million photo for me and I am so happy it came together for them!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Beth & James for allowing me to be a part of their big day! Another huge thank you to all the amazing staff at Cripps Barn, who really are incredible at what they do and always look after me at all their venues!


If you are looking for a laid-back, photojournalist style for your wedding photography, I might just be the photographer for you. 

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