Jade & Billy

Date – July 8th 2023

Venue – Blackwell Grange, Cotswolds

Notes – Summer wedding, full of laughs and good vibes!


Being a Cotswold wedding photographer, I am very familiar with this part of the UK! Blackwell Grange is a stunning venue tucked away in the gorgeous Cotswolds countryside. Everytime I am fortunate enough to work here, it’s always an amazing wedding.

When Jade first got in touch, I just knew it was going to be one hell of a wedding! These two awesome humans knew exactly what they wanted from their day and I was so glad to be a part of it!


Now this was a very special bridal & groom prep! Jade & Billy had hired out two gorgeous properties close to the venue. Both private and stunning in their own right, these were the perfect locations to compliment a Cotswold wedding! Now it isn’t often I bring along a second photographer, however this wedding certainly warrented one! Jade had said she would really love full coverage of Billy getting ready with the lads and as this was too far away from her, I simply couldn’t do it! As a Cotswold wedding photographer I fully understand the value another photographer can bring!

So upon arrival to the girls, they were already having a great time and the atmosphere was incredible! When bridal prep is like this, I just know I am going to capture some pure magic! Jade also had her daughter ‘Ada’ with her who completley stole the show! I think we all loved her Irish accent and her firey personality! She reminded me of my youngest daughter so much. As a Cotswold wedding photographer, I know when there’s kids around, I’ve just got to bring my A game! These are the moments that really matter, our kids are only small for what feels like five minutes so capturing great pics at this moment in time is everything!


My second photographer Eddy covered this part of the day and I’ve heard just how awesome it was! Billy & the boys were having the time of thier life by the sounds of it and the photos speak for themselves! There’s even a picture of what looks like Billy about to be thrown into the pool in his full suit! I can’t lie I wish I had seen this!!


With both Jade & Billy almost ready to head over to Blackwell grange, it was time for me to make my way over! I like to arrive ahead of the bride to capture guests arriving and showcase the venue. Eddy had already got these shots for me on this occasion which was amazing, leaving me to stay with Jade and the girls for longer.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by Billy and the groomsmen who seemed to be in top form! Billy being a rugby player, comradery was very important to him and it showed. The boys were very united and you could tell how proud of him they were!

I can’t lie Jade did make Billy wait around 30 minutues, but that’s OK it’s the brides prerogative to be a little late 🙂 It was worth it as his reaction was totally priceless to seeing her and Ada! In my line of my work I do see grown men cry quite often and it’s a privalidge! Being able to capture these moments in my couples lives is everything to me!

So yeah, the ceremony was amazing and very emotinal! Please have a look at the pics and you’ll see!


Now things were about to get serious, these lot really did know how to party! Being a Cotswold wedding photographer I was fully prepared for this and got myself right in the thick of the action! On your wedding day I like to blend in as one of the guests who just happens to be carrying a few cameras! Being accepted by you and your guests lets me get close and really capture the essence of the day! Jade & Billy’s wedding was very moment rich with so many things happening, I just loved it!!


So with the crazyness starting to chillout a little, it was time to get some pis of these two newly weds! To my delight the sun had just come out, as most of the day we’d had rain! This was July 2023, which I think will go down in the history books for the wettest month in wedding memory! I knew it was so important to grab some photos while the weather gods were on our side and boy did we do just that! Jade & Billy really are naturals in front of the camera and it really shows!

Now it was time to bring the lovely ‘Ada’ into the photos, as we can’t leave her out! Having two young girls myself, I know how important these photos are! Family was everything to these two, so these images really mattered!


I am going to just come right out and say it… this was proably one of the most awesome enterances to a wedding breakfast I’ve ever seen and some of the best speeches!! For a Cotswold wedding photographer who’s shot over 400 weddings, this is a big statement but I am serious! It was the stuff of dreams for me, the energy and the atmosphere was infectious!

I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard at the speeches in ages, it was just next level! There were moments when Billy was on the table, napkins were flying and the crowd was electric! It’s not something I will ever forget and I am so bloody grateful I got to experience it!


Now a wedding like Jade & Billy’s doesn’t come around every week, so there’s so many things to note but here’s a few of my favorites!

First up when the boys were having a group huddle at the top of the aisle, I decided to drop down to the floor to capture it from a really unique perspective. Well, the lads thought this was hilarious and proceeded to keep me pinned to the floor for what seemed like an eternity haha! I knew I was in for a great day, the banter really was on point!

Another thing to mention was the connection between Jade & Billy, honestly it’s what we photographers thrive off! When twe people have a connection like they do, it’s magnetic and really gives you the chance to capture some very special moments! These were especially obvious in the cermeony!

Finally as a family man myself, I loved the connection they had with their daughter ‘Ada’ family really is everything!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thankJade & Billy for allowing me to be a part of their big day! Another huge thank you to all the amazing staff at Blackwell Grange, who really are incredible at what they do and always look after me!


If you are looking for a laid-back, photojournalist style for your wedding photography, I might just be the photographer for you. 

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