Cat & Kevin

Date – June 5th 2023

Venue – Mythe Barn, Atherstone

Notes – Summer wedding, energy, bubble exit!


As a seasoned Mythe Barn wedding photographer, I am very familiar with this gorgeous venue! Mythe Barn is nestled away in the gorgeous English countryside and really does have it all! When photographing at this venue, you really are spolit for photographic opportunities! The barn itself works so well and is a blend of modern and contemporary style!

When Cat first enquired I was over the moon to have the chance to work here again! Being a Mythe Barn wedding photographer it’s always a joy to work at a venue like this!


Arriving early as I alway do, I just knew this was going to be a great day! Cat arrived in such good spitits with her squad! I’ll never forget she found a single white feather as she walked in, which I think had a real sentimental value to her 🙂 These are the moments that are so fleeting, but mean so much! As a Mythe Barn wedding photographer, I’ve got to have my eyes open every second of your wedding as it’s my responsibility to give you these precious photos!

So with bridal prep in full swing, it was shaping up to be a fantastic day! The weather was on our side too, which was a bonus as 2023 had a few curve balls to throw at us weather wise! The prep space at Mythe Barn is perfect and has such an intimate feel, totally private so there’s no risk of bumping into a nervous groom! As an added bonus, you can cross the landing and head into the main suite and finish off prep here! This is perfect as the light is to die for and you can also use the balcony! This was the perfect opportunity to get all the girls together for a champagne pop photo!


A few hours into bridal prep and Kevin and the lads made their arrival! I like to try and time this part of the day well, so with Cat having her hair done I made my way down! I knew Kevin and the boys wouldn’t take long to get ready, they never do lol! Things happen fast with the groom and groomsmen so I have to be on my game to capture those moments! Kevin’s parents helped him out with the final touches which were some really lovely moments, be sure to check those out!


With emotions running high and the sun shinning down on us, it was time for the ceremony! Kevin was holding it together well, but I could tell her was anxious to see his bride! Luckily Cat didn’t keep him wating too long! It was an incredible moment when they locked eyes! This is a time I just LOVE on a wedding day! The buzz I get when the couple first see each other at the aisle is so powerful! It really is such a privilege for me as a Mythe Barn wedding photographer to whitness this every week!

How was it, I hear you ask? It was emotional and filled with lots of laughter! I’ll never forget the exit as Kevin twirled his bride as she came down the aisle, a really classy move and it looked great on the photos! These two knew what they were doing 🙂


Right this is when things started to step it up a gear! We had a confetti exit and a bubbles exit! I’d never actually done a bubble exit before, but boy it didn’t dissapoint! I’d seen loads of my fellow wedding photogrpahers do these photos but I’d never had a crack at it! I can tell you now, it’s amazing and I’d highly recommend it! 

With mother nature still playing her part, we all headed outside to get the party going! The atmosphere was just incredible and everyone was having a great time. This is the perfect recipe for great photos as it was just so moment rich 🙂

After everyone had had enough canapes and prosecco, it was time for the group pics! So do I do these pics? I get asked this question a lot as a Mythe Barn wedding photographer! To answer this question, I certainly do! However, I’d strongly recommend not doing more than 10-12 as it really does eat into your day! When all is said and done, you’ll love the candid pics way more, I promise you that!


The party was still in full swing and with all the family photos done, it was time to get these two love birds out for pics! For each wedding I do, I’ll always try and get the first photo session started when guests are making their way into the wedding breakfast! Firsty so you two have some privacy and secondly so there’s not lots of heckling going on lol!

Having had a quick look at Cat & Kevin’s mood board, I knew exactly how we could start this shoot! Mythe Barn offers so many locations to get great photos, honestly it’s hard to take a bad pic! We headed out to the front of the venue for this session as I knew later on sunset would be down the driveway! The sunset shots after the wedding breakfast were unreal! Cat & Kevin were just naturals infront of the camera, making my job effortless! Please have a look at the pics from this part of the day, it’s worth it I promise!


Now onto what is probably one of my favourite times of a wedding day, the speeches! This is when the real emotion pours out and not forgetting lots of laughs and tears! It’s at this time I need to bring my A game, so I don’t miss a single moment! Things happen so fast and are so bloody fleeting, blink and you’ll miss it! I knew ahead of time with this group of people, it was going to be good!

Being a Mythe Barn wedding photographer, timing really is everything during the speeches! Every so often each year one of my brides gets up and says a few words, which is awesome by the way! Well you guessed it, Cat was on her feet and fully nailed it! Everyone was on point and I am very happy to report many moments were captured! 


With a wedding like Cat & Kevin’s there were quite a few standout moments, but here’s a few things that really stuck out to me! First up, when Cat found a white feather as she walked into Mythe Barn. I knew this was significant because she started to well up and her sister flung her arms around her! In these moments, I don’t ask questions or overthink, I just capture it! I know in the back of my mind these images will be so important for generations!

Secondly Cat’s mum was a budding photographer and good in her own right! So I certainly felt a little added pressure, which is why I wanted to catch her in action! Just before the first dance the couple stole a moment alone to practice and she caught a few snaps. Unbeknown to her, I was taking photos of her taking photos 🙂

Finally, the bubble exit just because!! Go see the pics, you’ll understand!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Cat and Kevin for allowing me to be a part of their big day! Another huge thank you to all the wonderful staff at Mtyhe Barn, who really are always amzing at what they do and always look after me!


If you are looking for a laid-back, photojournalist style for your wedding photography, I might just be the photographer for you. 

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