Lisa & Joe

Date – May 5th 2023

Venue – Hazel Gap Barn, Nottingham

Notes – Spring wedding, amazing energy and fun!


It’s always a good day when I get to go back to the stunning Hazel Gap Barn! This is a firm favourite of mine in the Cripps & Co family of venues! There’s just something so magical about this venue, the way the light falls, the decor and the gorgeous grounds! Hazel Gap Barn really does have it all and I can’t wait to show you more of Lisa & Joe’s Nottinghamshire wedding!


The day started early and only a few miles down the road from Hazel Gap Barn. Lisa was getting ready at ‘Ye Old Belle Hotel’ accompanided by friends and family. The atmosphere in the morning with the girls was electric, they were already having such a great time, I just knew the wedding was going to be amazing! Something Lisa & her bridemaids did which I always recommend doing is, not take yourselves too seriously and allow yourself to enjoy the moment! Sometimes I see brides cripped by worry and anxiety that everything has to be perfect. Trust me, just let go and enjoy the moment! So with the big reveal to the bridemaids done and everyone ready it was time to head over to Hazel Gap Barn!


If you’ve followed me for awhile, you’ll know of my love for Cripps & Co wedding venues! There’s just something  magical about them. The way they’re crafted and designed, also built with great light in mind really makes them some of my favourite venues to work at! Hazel Gap Barn is no expection. So enough waffle about how much I love this venue, let’s talk about the ceremony! As I arrived the heavens had just opened and the rain was coming down! This didn’t stop Joe and the boys from getting outside for some pics! One of the things I loved about this wedding, was just how up for embracing everything people were!

So Lisa arrived and the place was silient in anticipation! Joe was even starting to feel the emotion, which as a photographer I love to see! These are the photos I live for, the groom seeing his bride and shedding a tear, it’s pure magic!

So after a very heartfelt ceremony it was time to go and get the party started! Hazel Gap Barn really does have it all and offers a gorgeous courtyard to really enjoy the space. Luckily the rain had now stopped and the sun was out in full force! Now the party could truly begin and believe me it certainly did!


So how was the party at Lisa & Joe’s Hazel Gap Barn wedidng then? Well you know I mentioned earlier that these guys know how to have a good time right? Please have a look through the photos as this was one of the most high energy fun weddings I’ve photogrpahed in years! There were just so many moments happening everywhere, I reallt was spolit for choice! One of the pictures actually won a prestigeous ‘This is reportage’ award which I was very proud of! As the afternoon went on and a few more drinks were consumed, it just got better and better! I am honestly like a kid in a candy shop when people are just being themselves and having a great time! These are the moments I live for and always result in the best photos!


With the party in full swing and Lisa & Joe’s portraits finished, it was time to head inside for the wedding breakfast and speeches! 

So the speeches, Wow! Now this was a vibe! Lisa & Joe walked into one hell of an applause and lots of cheers! Now from a wedding photographers perspective, I love this ceremony space! The light is perfect, as it is in all Cripps & Co venues! Hazel Gap has been designed and crafted with such care and attension and it really shows, just amazing!

I do love the speech part of the day as a Nottingham wedding photographer. It’s all about the emotion and luaghter! I’ll be honest it was quite hard reminaing professional at all times during these speeches as they were that funny! Please be sure to have a look at the photos, don’t just take my word for it!


Where do I start? There were so many note worthy things that happened, i just loved it! Some real standouts for me would be as follows!

When one of Lisa & Joe’s groomsmen decided to turn the champagne spray onto the bridal party, the look he got from Lisa was priceless!!

The moment of pure joy when Lisa was sqashed by all her friends in an embrace (which won the award) was a lovely moment!

Finally just the constant moments happening throughout the day, as the guests really were one a kind! Every now and again I get a wedding like this, where it all just falls into place and I can’t believe my luck!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Lisa & Joe for allowing me to be a part of their big day! Another huge thank you to all the wonderful staff at Hazel Gap Barn & Cripps & Co, as per it was magical!


If you are looking for a laid-back, photojournalist style for your wedding photography, I might just be the photographer for you.