Imogen & Lee

Date – June 11th 2023

Venue – Kilworth House, Leicestershire

Notes – Summer wedding, filled with sun and laughter!


So this was my first wedding at the stunning Kilworth House! I’d been wanting to work at this amazing venue for many years. So as you can imagine I was overjoyed when Imogen got in touch about her wedding! Honestly I just knew from first speaking with these two, it was going to be an awesome wedding! For me, I love to get on a call to have a chat with you, picking a wedding photographer is a very personal thing and we need to be a good fit! Ladies, your wedding photographer will most likely spend more time with you on your big day, than your future hubby!


Right where do I start?! My memories of this wedding are very fond indeed and it was fun from the start, that I can clearly remember! When I arrived, it was shaping up to be one of the hottest days of 2023! A real heat wave and perfect weather for a summer wedding! So when I got to the girls in the morning, they were all very releaxed and having a great time! I quickly asked if they had a portable speaker, as some music in the morning makes it even more of an atmosphere! The morning really was a joy to photograph, I got so many moments, you’ve got to have a look at the pics below! Especially the connection between Imogen and her mum! I hope to be like this with my kids when I am older, that will be winning in life! 🙂

If you’ve not seen the Bridal suite at Kilworth House, you really need to go and have a look if you’re considering this venue! It’s got all the ingredients for amazing pics and the light just hits right!


So just before I touch on the ceremony at Kilworth House, let’s not forgot our groom Lee! At every wedding I photograph, the groom is just as important! Always doing my best to move between you both, the groom is never forgotton! I headed over to Lee and the boys to see what they were up to when Imogen started having her hair done. Balancing my time is key and I love to get coverage of you both for your album!

Lee and the boys were having a right laugh and made my job so easy to photograph them. After we’d got some fun shots, I asked Lee if he would like what I call ‘The Hero shot’ without hesiatation he agreed! Be sure to check that one out lads, I always get a super slick photo of the groom!


Wow, wow, wow! Now as a wedding photogrpaher I live for ceremonies like this!! These two had emotions flying everywhere and so did their nearest and dearest! I am forever chasing the single tear falling down the side of your face (in good light) or the subtle glances! Both of these holy grail moments happened on several occasions during this incredible ceremony! So much so, that I won an illusive ‘This Is Reportage’ award for this wedding ( I think the ceremony photos really helped this award!)

So the ceremony space at Kilworth House is pretty special and the light… it’s to die for! I really can’t wait to get back here and photograph more weddings!


With the ceremony coming to a close, it was time for the party to really get going! All the guests came outside and made two lines for Imogen & Lee to pass through a confetti tunnel! I can’t even tell you how epic these pics were. The gorgeous summer sun beating down on us, beautiful light and a very photogenic couple, usually equals great photos! These two just made it so easy for me and they really chose their guests well too. Maybe it was just something in the air that day, moments were just presenting themsevles to me wherever I pointed my cameras! It’s at times like this I have to remind myself just how lucky I am to call this my job! Is it really working when you love it this much? Hell no and that’s I know I’ve found my calling!

Once I was happy I’d given Imogen & Lee enough time to mingle with everyone, I took them off for round one of portraits. This is the time I like to grab what I call the safe shots. I know the light isn’t as good as it will be in the evening, however it’s a great time to get some lovely pics! Also it helps the happy couple touch up on thier posing game! Also if the weather decides to play up, I know we’ve got something in the bag!


With everyone now gathered into the gorgeous orangary at Kilworth House, it was time for the speeches! Now this was a formaility with a twist! Imogen & Lee had called upon the amazing hosting services of Jakstarweddings! There were games and quiz’s ahead of the speeches which I just loved and enabled so many more awesome moments for me to capture!

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the speeches were incredible! Tears, laughter and everything inbetween! For me as a wedding photographer, I was in my element! Kilworth House provided the perfect backdrop for me to really capture the true essense of these moments!


With a wedding like Imogen & Lee’s there were so many stand out moments, but I’ll do my best to highlight a few!

First off, the ceremony and the connection between these two incredible humans! When people talk about love, Imogen and Lee are the epitome of that! For me being able to capture that was truly special! I also loved the relashionship between them are their family, it really was special. Sometimes family don’t always see eye to eye, so it was lovely to whitness the love they had for each other!

Another stand out for me was Imogen’s German relatives who had flown over specially. They were very subtly pointed out to me and I was given the nod to start capturing some candid photos 🙂 I knew how important this was to Imogen as we had spoken about it in the build up to the big day. Being able to bring that vision to life was a real privalidge!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Imogen and Lee for allowing me to be a part of their big day! Another huge thank you to all the wonderful staff at Kilworth House, who really were amzing and made me feel right at home!


If you are looking for a laid-back, photojournalist style for your wedding photography, I might just be the photographer for you.