Megan & Henry

Date – August 2022

Venue – Shustoke Barn, Birmingham

Notes – Barn Wedding with laid back, loving vibes.


This was Megan & Henry’s third attempt at their big day and what a day it was!! Over the past few years due to you know what, so many weddings weren’t able to go ahead which made me sad. As a Birmingham wedding photographer, I’m lost without my craft, this is what I live for! However, towards the end of last year and this year, I’ve fully made up for it 🙂 

Megan and Henry’s day was beautiful, from start to finish. You could really feel the love in the atmosphere all throughout the day. A particular favourite moment of mine was watching and capturing Henry giving Megan a piggyback ride to Shustoke in a gorgeous, lace wedding dress!


I love bridal prep as no two are ever the same and this one will never ever be replicated 🙂 Honestly, these lot were so much fun to be around, I laughed hard all morning! Also, Megan had two gorgeous dachshunds and a few cats who kept us all on our toes! As a wedding photographer bridal prep is a time for me when I get to really think about the shots I am taking. I’m usually there around 3 hours before the ceremony and it’s a much more relaxed pace. This gives me the time to get really creative and push my skills to the limit! 


The ceremony is one of my favourite times on a wedding day. This is a time when sometimes even men cry! Yes, you heard me, lads, it does happen way more often than you’d think! Megan was convinced Henry wouldn’t cry, how wrong she was and I was ready for it! For me these are the moments, they’re so brief but mean so much to the couple! I actually think Megan might use a particular shot against him lol!

All in all a very heartfelt service with some wonderful readings. As always the stunning Shustoke Barn provides the best light in the business! Can you tell I love this venue?


After the ceremony, the couple mingled with their guests in Shustoke Barn’s lovely courtyard. Canapés were served and friends and relatives chatted and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings.

Family formals were taken in front of the large barn doors shortly after the festivities. As a wedding photographer, one piece of advice I’d always give is to take half an hour after your ceremony to just be with your family & friends. This is so important and allows those beautiful candid moments to unfold!

It was then time for the couple to be whisked off for a few portraits. One of three times we went out that day. Now Megan & Henry had told me they didn’t take a good photo and couldn’t pose. I wasn’t having it, so off we went! I hear this all the time ‘we can’t pose’, ‘we don’t take a good photo’ see you do, you just don’t know how to yet. With a little help and a few terrible jokes from me, their awesome personalities were soon shining through and we nailed it! 

Let’s just say the rest is history and they fully embraced the camera from then on!

Although I would add if you are genuinely worried about how you will be in front of and look on camera, an engagement photography shoot is a perfect opportunity to practise and be ready to feel at ease on your wedding day.


I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Megan & Henry, and the wider family for choosing me to photograph this fab wedding day. As it always is, it was an honour and privilege and the day will stick with me forever. Shustoke Barn was the icing on the cake and delivered spectacularly as always 🙂


Oh, Phil, absolutely in love. Thanks so much!

We couldn’t have asked for anything more, you’ve really gone above and beyond! We never look good in photos but we love these!! :)”
Megan & Henry.